Fire Alarm Pull With God – 15

Then the Lord said to Moses, “Why are you crying out to me? Tell the Israelites to move on. Raise your staff….divide the water.. Exodus 14:15-16

2018-01-31 12.55.59

The fire alarm has been pulled… you have 60 seconds… what do you take? 1, 2..

Take this: The Israelites were facing the Red Sea with the Egyptian army in hot pursuit of them behind! Just a little sweat is dripping off the face of Moses, their God ordained leader right! I love verse 15 in Exodus chapter 14 when God asks Moses why are you crying out to me…get a move on!!! How often have I been praying about something and then God brings the situation to a head, the option is before me and even though this has been prayed up I still hesitate and waffle in what to do when the direction is clear… MOVE ON!! James 1:6 But when you ask, you must believe and not doubt, because the one who doubts is like a wave of the sea, blown and tossed by the wind. -Then if that’s not enough God says move on and raise your staff, part that sea (like it should have been obvious) and walk through it!!! Like come on Moses you know Me, is anything too difficult for Me?!?! Trust Me in you and part that sea lets go!! Jeremiah 32:27 “I am the Lord, the God of all mankind. Is anything too hard for me? God today and everyday help me to trust You FULLY and live in the impossible possible of who You are!!!

59, 60. GO!

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