Supremely Satisfying

…assign your nuggets to the dust, your gold of Ophir to the rocks in the ravines, then the Almighty will be your gold, the choicest silver for you. Surely then you will find delight in the Almighty and will lift up your face to God. Job 22:24-26

2018-02-16 09.12.05

This verse got me thinking on what are a few of my nuggets? A few of my favorite things… makes me want to break out in one of my favorite songs from “The Sound Of Music” “I simply remember my favorite things, and then I don’t feeeeel so bad.” (LOVE that song!) So favorite things…: looking up in a snow shower and letting the snow flakes fall all intricately unique onto my face, getting soaked through in a warm summer rain, Dove dark chocolates, hugs from my kids… How would I feel if God took all those wonderful gifts of His away from me? He allowed it to happen to Job. Maybe we need to understand more of His heart behind those gifts to answer that.

We were sinners too far gone and Jesus rescued us through His death on the cross to what… bring us to HIM. To point us to a Person! Not just heaven and eternal life… whats the point if its not with HIM?! He says now love Me with all your heart, soul, mind and strength… He says be supremely satisfied in Who is supremely satisfying! Yet this side of heaven how do we get to know Him? Through prayer and His Word of course but also through the gifts He gives us!!!!! WE need to push through the comfort of our children’s hugs, the delicious sweetness of chocolate, the gentle touch of soft rain, the mind blowing uniqueness of each falling snowflake up to the God Who says… I’m that!! And SO much more… His gifts are just a foretaste of ALL that He is.

So if He were to take all His gifts away from me I would still have Him and the joy of His presence which can never be taken from me! It’s not about the gifts..He uses the gifts to reveal more of who He is, the only One who can supremely satisfy us. I said to the Lord, “You are my Lord; apart from you I have no good thing.” Psalm 16:2

Independent Read: Psalm 16, 37, Mark 12:30, Matthew 6:21

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