You Used What For What?!

2013-05-15 23.24.10

My husband and I were sitting downstairs just commenting on what a blessing it was to hear the laughter of all six of our children using our one upstairs bathroom together with the one sink to all share in brushing their teeth! So wonderful to hear them getting along sharing, taking turns and accomplishing a task we had asked them to do… what obedient children. It was a wonder that it was causing such an uproar of laughter and joking but with a circus of 8 that is not too uncommon so my husband and I continued to enjoy a rare brief moment of solitude in the kitchen until we were interrupted with blood curtailing screams and sudden worried cries of “mom, dad, come quick, we need help!!” As a herd of 6 pairs of feet thunder down the upstairs hall my husband and I made it up the stairs in half second flat (anticipating the worst with my wild imagination) we are met with 6 pairs of concerned wide eyed children (well make that 5) and 1 frantic tear stained face of our fifth born…. with the toddler potty seat stuck around his neck!!! No apparent desperate yanks and pulls of his and our helpful crew were going to get that thing off, he was literally and completely stuck! It took a calm and very careful hand to remove our sons head from the potty seat. However out of sheer relief that it was not the worst imagined we were able to take a quick photo to commemorate the occasion for a future wedding slide show…or maybe just to show that God can get us out of our impossible situations that we all so often get our self stuck into right!  Afterward we dared to ask how this all had happened and it seems one thing led to another (as they often do when you have 6 children sharing a bathroom to brush their teeth over one sink) and the potty seat became a crown of sorts and one little’s head was just big enough but then it wasn’t. So anyway, yes this story reminds me of a part in Scripture when in desperate times Moses used an item he hadn’t noticed before to do something he never would have thought to use it for apart from gaining God’s perspective. (See the tie in.. potty seat used for a crown… who would have thought right?!?!) So lets see… in Ex. 15:22 Then Moses led Israel from the Red Sea and they went into the Desert of Shur. For three days they traveled in the desert with out finding water. -Three days in the desert without water… anyone with a child at bed time knows that just 30 minutes without water and they are about to convince you of near death. So poor Moses after three days you know must have been at his wits end for sure! So in verse 25 Moses cries out to the Lord and it was then in Moses desperate moment that God was able to give him His perspective and Moses saw a piece of wood. A piece of wood, and what, throw it into the bitter water!?! How would that help the thirst problem?! That may have been exactly what Moses had thought before he was brought to the end of his rope. Isn’t so often that it’s not until we are at the end of our rope after going through a desert for three days with no water that we are now willing to see things from His perspective and allow Him to reveal Himself and move in ways we never would have seen before! Well that’s just what God did in this situation. After Moses threw the wood in the bitter water they had sweet water to drink for all! But God had gotten their attention now and was able to speak a word to their hearts that they would have missed otherwise…Verse 26 He says listen carefully and pay attention and keep all my decrees for I AM the Lord who heals!!!!! He revealed more of who He is and wanted to be to them in this moment! He then moves them to Elim were there were 12 springs and 70 palm trees! He could have brought them straight from their Red Sea celebration to this oasis however He chose the three day walk in the desert to reveal Himself to them in a way they never would have looked for Him otherwise. So when we feel like we are in a desert Lord bow our knee and give us a receptive and mold-able, movable heart to receive more of who you are and to see things from your perspective to see things and ways that cannot be seen unless through Your eyes. You are the God who even when we feel like we have gotten the potty seat of life stuck around our neck forever let us never forget You are the God who sees things we don’t and understands things we can’t and knows ways to rescues and heal we never would have thought. We don’t have to live with potty seats stuck around our necks. Praise the mighty name of Jesus!

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