Those Three Little Words

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Wait until I find out what the LORD commands.. Numbers 9:8

Ever told your kids to “hold their horses”? Maybe on a 3 hour road trip and 20 minutes in you’ve been asked 30 times “are we there yet?”. Yes, as parents we can all probably think of times when we have said those three little words to our children. What about our heavenly Father? How often do you think He tries to whisper those words into our hearts? Better question, how often do we listen or even seek His counsel?

God told the Iraelites how and when to celebrate the Passover and no sooner had Moses delivered those instructions when some came up to him with a wonder question, a possible exception to the rule. Moses responds wisely in Numbers 9:8. He tells them to wait while he consults with the Lord rather than hastily trust his own judgment in the matter. God in His grace extended mercy too.

Sometimes obstacles are placed in our path with good purpose and removing them the first chance we get in our own strength is not the best option. Maybe its there for a reason, maybe its to teach us something. One thing for sure is that it has not escaped Gods eyes, He is fully aware of what we may see as obstacles in our way to fulfilling His purpose for our lives. His timing and ways are ALWAYS best.

Many people in the bible were asked to wait. Abraham was promised a child yet had to wait MANY years. At one point he did take matters into his own hands and this world is still paying the consequences of that “I have an idea God…”, “I’ll help you out God…” “I can handle this one God….” moment. (Of which I am all too often found guilty of as well.) David another guy in the bible given a promise by God to be king, yet was faced with years of waiting. Not only that but an evil king stood in between David and the throne. David at one point in 1 Samuel 24 could have seized an opportunity to kill the king yet bows to the Kings timing and ways of handling his obstacle and trial.

Blessed are all those who wait for him! Isaiah 30:18 Lord help me to seek and listen for Your voice first. Help me to know that when You whisper those three little words to me, “hold your horses” its only because of another three little words you’ve already spoken over my life, “I love you.”

Independent Read: Jeremiah 17:7, Isaiah 40:31, Job 42:2, Isaiah 14:27

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