Gotta Tell Somebody!

2018-02-23 11.35.27

Overhearing what they said, Jesus told him, “Don’t be afraid; just believe.” Mark 5:36

When I was very little our family experienced a very real healing miracle from the hand of God. The song “Gotta Tell Somebody” by Don Francisco quickly became a family favorite. This song tells the story of Mark 5:21-43 when Jesus raises a dead girl back to life. As the song gets closer to the end the tempo speeds up along with the lyrics proclaiming over and over “I gotta tell somebody what Jesus did for me!” I’m from a large family and all my siblings together (when we were all about knee high) would line up on one side of the living room. We listened intently to the lyrics of that song as it told the story in Mark all the while just posed in a runners block stance waiting for the fast part. When the “I gotta tell somebody what Jesus did for me!” part came we ran in circles at high speed round and round our living room “dancing” for the Lord!

Jairus, the father of the little girl close to death had earnestly pleaded with Jesus to come heal his daughter and mid journey Jesus stops and becomes involved with a women needing healing. Jairus must have been thinking in his heart as I would have been… Jesus we do not have time for this, my child is dying!! We have to hurry, catch this lady on the way back! In fact its while they are with this women that people from Jairus’ household came and told him it was too late, his daughter had died, all hope was lost. Can you imagine Jairus heart at that moment?! Jesus says, don’t be afraid Jairus. Trust Me.

Jairus came to ask Jesus to heal his daughter never expecting Jesus to ask him for something in return. God will ask us to have faith and not fall away on account of the way He chooses to do things, even when it make no sense to us.

Jairus had to wait with Jesus while he watched Him heal someone else. How hard that must have been. How often we do not see the reason for our wait but we can be sure God never wastes a moment of it. If they had hurried to Jairus daughter, Jairus may never have been able to have witnessed such a miracle nor grow in his faith so mightily!

When Jesus gets to the little girl (already dead) He takes her by the hand and says little girl get up, and she does!!! When we have just enough faith to come to Jesus in our need, He often has so much more that He wants to give us than the little we are asking for. He is overjoyed when we offer all of the little mustard seed of faith we have into His hand. He says, oh My precious child do not be afraid, trust Me. You watch as I move a mountain! It may not always be the mountain we had in mind. Jarius wanted a healing yet witnessed a resurrection instead! Not before he was required to wait with Jesus and face his worst fear but Jesus never left his side. If we get nothing else but the faithful presence of Him in our storm, trust Him, it will fill our hearts enough to go out and even enter heaven proclaiming “I gotta tell somebody what Jesus did for me!”

Independent Read: Matthew 17:20, Luke 7:23, Matthew 28:20, James 1:6, Psalm 118:16-17

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