People Like Walking Trees

2018-02-23 15.06.28

“I see people; they look like trees walking around.” Mark 8:24

It’s all about perspective.

I’m SO thankful to be born in the time of contact lenses and glasses. My life otherwise would be drastically different to say the very least. With today’s modern technology I hardly ever notice my natural near blind vision deficit (much to my children’s dismay, I still like to claim I have perfect vision even from the back of my head!). However on the rare occasion I am caught without my contacts or glasses I can most definitely sympathize with the guy in this Scripture.

In Mark 8:22-26 Jesus preforms a two step miracle. He takes a blind man by the hand and spits in the mans eyes then places his hands on him asking him what he now sees. The man replies, people that look like trees walking around. So Jesus places His hands on the man a second time and this time the mans sight is restored fully and he sees everything clearly. Why this two step miracle? Why did Jesus touch the man twice? I think to symbolize how our spiritual eyes are opened… as a process.

Why not quick Lord we ask? Give me the big picture God, make me understand and see where You are going with my life! But where is the faith in that? God loves you too much to give us our way on this. He wants a relationship with you, one on which you depend on Him and not yourself. Your faith, your spiritual eyes, your spiritual ears will grow and be opened and tuned to Him the more we are drawn into His heart. The more we walk with Him in faith rather than by sight.

The key to maturity is not Bible knowledge its really how you see situations, circumstances and people. Do we have Jesus perspective on life? Taking His perspective will change how we live. Take our Scripture for example do we see people as walking trees or have we grown close enough for God to work His perspective of our spouse, our children, our friends and even our enemies into our hearts? Do we see people as trees or as lives so precious to God that He was willing to die for them. You have never locked eyes with another human being that God does not love. Do we see people as lovable, forgivable, deserving of mercy and grace just like God sees us?

The very next passage in Scripture (Mark 8:27-30) Jesus asks His disciples who do they see Him as? Who do you say that Jesus is? What you believe about Jesus will change your entire perspective on life. Don’t just believe what other people say. There are a lot of perspectives on who Jesus is out there but only one Truth about Him. If you are reading this, the Truth is pursuing you. Allow Jesus to touch your eyes, once, twice, as many times as it takes to give you a clear perspective, His perspective.

Independent Read: 2 Corinthians 5:7, Mark 8:17-18, Matthew 13:16-17, 1 John 4:8, John 3:16



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