Do You See Him?

Look to the Lord and his strength; seek his face always. Psalm 105:4

2018-01-25 14.38.23

As I was putting my two youngest children down for a nap this afternoon I curled up next to them and one of them sticks out his little hand and slips it in mine as he likes to hold it until he falls asleep. It warms my heart when he does it and it also warms me! I can be found in the evenings in Arizona under an afghan! I’m easily chilled and now that we live in a climate that has SNOW it has been an adjustment but after a few years I believe I have acclimated some, yet still love to be under those afghans my mom makes for me! On grey days like today when the sun has not had a chance to add its warmth to our home the temperature is quite different in here! So it was a welcome feeling to have the warmth of my young son who is always a little heater anyway take my icy hand in his and I could feel the warmth just radiate throughout me. As I lay their watching him drift off to sleep I thought this has to be like seeing the face of God in a way…I mean in the sense that my heart just is overflowing with love and awestruck gratitude in wonder that I deserve none of this precious one. It reminded me of something I didn’t write about earlier yet was something else that stood out in my reading about Joseph. In Gen. 41:38 Pharaoh asks where can we ever find a man like Joseph so full of God!?! Pharaoh goes on in 39 Since God has made all this known to you, there is no one as discerning and wise as you. – People notice when you have been with Jesus, when you have His Spirit in your heart. Lord make me be one of those people that authentically and sincerely loves others in a way that they see You! (A blog or two back I had said one of the greatest things I’m praying for myself is to have His wisdom and discernment.) Now I read again like in James 1:5, discernment and wisdom will be found spending time with Jesus. I want to make just as much an effort to spend time with Him in the good as in the bad, to bring Him my easy decisions as well as my hard and to bow my will to His Sovereignty. I see this in Josephs wise choice to ration food during Egypt’s 7 years of abundant blessing…Egypt was prepared in the years of severe famine because they prepared during the time of bliss. It says in Acts 7:10 that God gave Joseph wisdom and enabled him to gain the goodwill of Pharaoh king of Egypt. – It amazes me that Joseph being gifted in dream interpretation never cried out to God asking for a dream that would give him wisdom and insight into his whole story….why did my brothers sell me in the first place, why so long and forgotten in prison, why wrongly accused… no Joseph chose to be faithful and glorify God in the moment and if the dreams were going to someone else and he was to interpret them he did, if he was to take care of Egypt he did it with all the wisdom and discernment the Lord allowed him. 2 Cor. 12:9 But he said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” – Lord, help me to seek Your face ALWAYS and even though my hands are typically the temperature of ice I know You can make Your warmth flow through me into the hearts of others by the work of Your mighty hands.

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