100,000 Heartbeats – 23,000 Breaths


That’s it, that’s all we get each day according to research… 100,000 heartbeats and 23,000 breaths none of which we ever get back once we use them so carpe diem right! My four year old sure is! You know those toys that come with a set of tools and you can completely take them apart and rebuild them… he pushed is giant tub of them into my room this morning and has successfully built and rebuilt everything…and then some. Breaking only for a plate full of waffles. Somewhere between rebuilding the dinosaur and the digger he got to the Lightening Mcqeen car and he says look mom what I can do with my thumb that can’t bend! He sticks his thumb straight into the hood of the little car and lifts it…turning to me in full smile…you see he got it stepped on the other day while at a siblings basketball practice and his thumb suffered a slight sprain and each day he updates me on God’s healing process of it. He isn’t letting it slow him down any that’s for sure! No matter what happened yesterday lets look to the cross today that says “You’re still worth it!” If God is still putting out the effort to make our lungs rise and fall and our hearts beat than lets chose to allow Him to finish what He has started (Phil. 1:6) He is able. (Daniel 3:17) He is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us. Eph. 3:20 It takes faith which only begins with what I can’t see and what I can’t do on my own… that’s tough for me so I pray for more of it and for it to be unshakable. But like it only takes a spark to start a wild fire and a ripple to start a tidal wave it only takes a mustard seed of faith to move a mountain (Matt. 17:20)! Job 41:11 says everything under heaven belongs to Him. – And in 2 Peter 1:3-11 it says He has given us EVERYTHING we need and we can be kept from being ineffective and unproductive in our knowledge of Jesus. Oh Lord help me to choose to spend my 100,000 heartbeats and 23,000 breaths today for You, with You! Job 42:2 I know You can do all things and no plan of Yours can be thwarted – so I want to be in Your plans please conform my will to Yours. Job 40:9 Your voice thunders..THUNDERS and You speak out of the storm (Job 38:1) out of the storm! Lord if Your voice thunders and You speak out of my storms, in my storms… help me to trust You more so that I choose the Prince of Peace instead of fear so that in the deafening roar of the world and the storms within its Your whisper that I hear thundering in my mind and heart allowing me to lift my eyes to the tree on Calvary and believe what the cross still says about me and to know that one day you will be doing a reverse sky dive coming back for all those that choose to believe in You (John 3:16). Help me/us to remember that there has never been a moment that You have not been all that You say You are and that I/we are not all that You say we are in You. Thank you for my 100,000 heartbeats and my 23,000 breaths today and thank You that they are new every morning; great is Your faithfulness (Lam. 3:23)! So help me to live like today could be my last as none of us are guaranteed the next not getting tripped up on my past because the very fact that You are putting out the effort once again today to give me breath in my lungs and a beat in my heart tells me You still have a purpose a plan to work out in my life for Your glory, so take it Lord, take me, I choose to give You my 100,000 beats and 23,000 breaths, make me more Yours Lord.

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