You’ve Stayed Long Enough

2018-03-01 10.33.53

…and in the desert. There you saw how the Lord your God carried you, as a father carries his son, all the way you went until you reached this place. Deuteronomy 1:31

Ever get comfortable in your ways? I’m a very structured routine kinda girl. I LOVE a good adventure but then bring me right back to my comfy cozy rut please. So when I read in Deut. 1:6 You have stayed long enough… it got my attention.

My mind and heart already peeked I continued to read on… I was reminded of..

-how God fulfills all His promises faithfully -He can be trusted (Deut. 1:10)

-to lead well you must be wise and respected (to have this in any value it must come form Him so grip His hand) (vs. 15) Also good leaders see potential in others and encourage them in the mighty plans God has for their lives (vs. 38)

-not to be afraid of any man-judgment belongs to God (vs. 17)

-when God calls you out He goes before you and will fight for you (vs. 29-30)

-when God goes with you on a journey He searches out places for you to camp and shows you the way to go (vs. 33, 2:2) but I must be willing to follow wholeheartedly (vs. 36)

-no enemy of mine will ever be defeated unless He is with me (vs. 42)

-if God is with me I will lack nothing (vs. 2:7) and nothing will be too difficult (2:36)

So by the end of Deut. 1,2 I found my confidence growing in the One who if He should say… “(my name), you have been here long enough.” I will pray to trust this God of Deut. 1, 2 Who is the same God of my today. I will pray that He will give me eyes to see how He is working all around me like in 2:30-31. But then most of all even when I do not see, and I feel I am in a desert land, I will pray.. Jesus, help me to trust You to carry me as the strong arms of a father would carry their child, ALL THE WAY, to the place You need me to be.

Independent Read: Deuteronomy 1, 2, Joshua 1:9



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