Move On Not Move Out

2018-03-02 09.17.29

But commission Joshua, and encourage and strengthen him… Deuteronomy 3:28

Have you had someone ask you a question incessantly, to which you find yourself incessantly giving the same answer? That is until you reach your end and calmly but firmly say “That is enough. Do not speak to me anymore about this matter.” Well that is how God responded to Moses’ final plea to enter the promise land in Deuteronomy 3:26.

Moses had lost his chance to enter the promised land due to a sinful choice on his part. Our heart goes out to Moses who was so courageous in so many ways but a sin is a sin and consequences always follow. Moses himself acknowledges the sovereignty of God and even addresses Him as such in Deut. 3:24 beginning his final plea for God to change His verdict. However God does not change His mind but rather says in a sense, move on. He did not say, move OUT. There is a difference that we would do well to pay attention to.

“Move on” is very different from “move out”. The enemy says you failed, move out, your done, no use for you anymore. But God acknowledges the short fall and says come on, get up, lets move on. Deut. 3:29 starts with BUT… I LOVE “buts” in Scripture! God told Moses drop the promised land question you are not getting in, BUT, Moses, I still have GREAT purpose for you and I still see ENORMOUS value in your life, I want to use you further if you are willing to accept my sovereign way and move on with Me.

BUT commission Joshua, AND encourage AND strengthen him for he will lead… (Deut. 3:28 emphasis mine) WOW, that is an incredible task of great worth and purpose! Because that is still how God saw Moses despite his past failure! Of GREAT WORTH AND PURPOSE!

Jesus please do not let me get bogged down but what I cannot do or by my past failures. Help me to learn from my past but to let it rest, to trust that You are Sovereign and to move on in Your grace, mercy, forgiveness and love.

Independent Read: Lamentations 3:22-23

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