Treasured Possession

2018-03-05 09.23.43

But you are to seek the place the LORD your God will choose… to that place you must go… Deuteronomy 12:5

Maybe you’re an educator or a parent or just surrounded by inquiring minds that constantly ask you “why?”. If so, you may often find yourself tempted to say (or in a slightly more declaring tone of voice) “Just because I said so!” Thankfully God has much more patience than the average human when we ask “why?”

Six times in Deut. 12 God says He will choose a place for people to worship Him. He will choose. -Why God? Why can’t we just pick a place we like and worship, whats the difference?- Patiently God gives His answer in the Scriptures knowing our question thousands of years in advance (so like our God right!). Deut. 14:2 …the Lord has chosen you to be His treasured possession. God says because you are my treasured possession, that’s why you need to let Me choose.

God does give further explanation for His choosing a specific place to worship in Scripture. He warns against being enticed an thus ensnared by inquiring about other gods (12:30)… checking out their places of worship. Do not yield (13:8) He says. Deut. 13:4 It is the Lord your God you must follow, and Him you must revere. Keep His commands and obey Him; serve Him and hold fast to him. 12:32 see that you do all I command you; do not add to it or take away from it. I love you too much, paid too high a price for your life to see you led astray by the enemy and their gods. You are my treasured possession.

Jesus, thank You that You fight for me, that you see me as Your treasured possession. Help me to trust all Your choosings. Help me today to see others as Your treasured possessions too and to pour out the love and patience You have placed in my heart to show them You.

Independent Read: 1 Corinthians 6:20

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