Show Me The Faith!

2012-05-02 11.06.58

The secret things belong to the Lord our God, but the things revealed belong to us and to our children forever, that we may follow all the words of this law. Deut. 29:29

You got to love the movie Jerry Maguire. “You had me at hello.” “SHOW ME THE MONEY!” classic lines right! Reminds me that so often God seems to say show Me your faith first, and then I’ll show you My faithfulness.

3 things I see today from Daniel of the bible, a man of exceptional qualities especially in faith (Dan. 6:3).

-sometimes God will give us friends to stand with us in faith (Dan. 2:17-23,28-29)

-sometimes God will give us mighty examples of others we can witness living out their exceptional faith as encouragement (Dan. 3:17-18)

-and sometimes He asks us to show Him our faith apart from any other human company. Daniel had all three experiences but lets look at the third today.


In Daniel 6 God asked Daniel to stand alone… no one around to pray with him, to watch go before him… Daniel YOU show me YOUR faith. A decree was made that no one should pray to anyone but the king however Daniel ignored the decree and prayed only to the one true God knowing the consequence would mean being thrown into the lions den!

Dan. 6:11 Daniel praying asking God for help. God, NOW would be a good time to show Your faithfulness! But God didn’t seem to show up then.

The mean guys tattle to the king about Daniel praying to his God and the king loves Daniel so he is very upset that he must throw him in the lions den. Daniel must be thinking God come on, even the king is looking for a way to save me, NOW would be a GREAT time to show me Your faithfulness! But God didn’t seem to show up then.

Daniel is escorted to the lions den the gate is opened… NOW God… would be a REALLY GREAT time to show up! I’ve been standing firm all alone in my faith in You, WHERE ARE YOU?!?! Daniel is shoved in, the stone rolled over the door and its sealed shut.

Daniel crouched down in a ball covering his head waiting for the worst… waits and waits and whats going on? He dares to peak out from behind his fingers and he can’t barely believe what he sees as the Truth slams into his heart with such force he about falls flat (no lion needed)! God’s whisper thunders amidst the quiet calm purrs of the lions, I NEVER LEFT YOU.

Sometimes we are looking so hard for God to show up, we miss that He never left, He has ALWAYS been with us, just like He promised! (Matt. 28:20) Daniel made it through the lions den that night with out a wound on him because he trusted in his God (Dan.6:23).

Dear Jesus, You have said there are secret things that belong to You but the things You reveal help me to remember! Like when you have sent me friends to stand firm with me in the faith and when you have sent me encouraging examples of others exercising their faith. Jesus I am thankful for all the ways You reveal Yourself to me in this world and in Your Word. But in the times you ask me to step out in my own faith help me to trust You. To walk with You by faith even when I do not see or understand. To walk with You all the way until the day my faith will be made sight and the secret things revealed.  From the start You promised You’d be with me always… You had me at hello.

Independent Read: 2 Corinthians 5:7


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