Unless = Hope

2018-03-13 15.18.33

This was suppose to be an easy one God! An easy decision – an easy move… Why is everything going so wrong?! Why, why, why?! Sound familiar to anyone else but Joshua? Joshua and the army had just defeated Jericho mightily and went directly to Ai to spy the land and see what the battle plan should be. Spy’s came back… easy, piece of cake, only need to send a few guys out on this one Josh they say. However things don’t go so well. They are struck down and their hearts are melting like water as a result!

Joshua falls on his face before God and cry’s out why God!!? (Joshua 7:6-7) In verses 8-9 he goes on to play out the worst case scenario before God that he sees can only happen to them now and he can’t imagine what God could possibly do for His great name!?! The pit is just too deep there is no way out… it can’t get any worse he thinks. Been there?!

God responds in verse 10 Stand up! What are you doing down on your face? You should know Me better than this by now Joshua. I promised to give you victory as long as you kept Me as your God. Verse 11, Israel has sinned; they have violated my covenant, which I commanded them to keep… (12) That is why the Israelites cannot stand against their enemies; they have turned their backs and run because they have been made liable to destruction. I will not be with you anymore unless you destroy whatever among you is devoted to destruction.

How often do we start thinking and assuming the worst of our situation that there is no way God can fix it, we are too far into a pit and we cry out- why God?! When maybe just maybe we know why. We know the “why” but we need to remember the “Who”. He is faithful even when we are not and always bigger than our situations and mistakes. See the word UNLESS in verse 12 above! There is hope in that word! The sentence did not stop at I will not be with you anymore (period) PRAISE GOD! It continues with UNLESS you destroy that part of you that is devoted to destruction instead of Me. No one can serve two masters (Matt. 6:24).

…choose this day whom you will serve – but as for me and my household, we will serve the LORD. Joshua 24:15

Independent Read: 2 Tim. 2:13

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