His Agenda

2018-03-15 15.02.23

God tells Joshua in Joshua 13:1 that he is getting old (not God, Joshua). Thank goodness God doesn’t get old… He is the same yesterday, today and forever (Hebrews 13:8)! God says Josh, you are getting old and there is still a lot of work to be done. Now before we all stress out feeling like we are in the same boat… (a whole lot left to be done and we are not getting any younger…) we need to remember Phil. 1:6. God always allows enough time to finish completely in your life what He starts. Praise Him for that! He even tells Joshua, I Myself can handle it (see 13:6). Will we trust Him to handle it? Will we trust Him like David did in 1 Chron. 22:7-10? David wants to build a temple for God but God has other ideas…God: thank you David, good idea, but I’m saving that job for your son Solomon. -When I do not feel like I can finish all I’ve put on my life’s agenda will I trust God to finish all HE has put on my life’s agenda and let that be enough? Because that IS enough.

You might be thinking wait Joshua 11:23 says the whole land was taken, job finished! What more was there? I think it was like mop up work… the big enemies had been taken and Israel was victorious. The work to be done was not to fight FOR victory it was to fight FROM victory. There were still small enemies holed up around the town and they needed to clean up. We can be mindful of this in our own lives. In Jesus we are victorious because of His victorious work on the cross! So we are not fighting FOR victory but FROM victory! I am cleansed by His death and set free by His life! Am I preserving that freedom by taking out every little thing/temptation that would creep back in to rob me of abundant life and joy?!

We fight from victory but we must wholeheartedly follow the Victor. Caleb, Joshua’s close friend states three times in Joshua 14 that he followed God wholeheartedly and in turn God was able to make Caleb strong, vigorous, and Caleb was able to see God’s promise fulfilled! We will see His faithfulness too if we follow wholeheartedly the Victor who tore the veil that separated us from Him from top to bottom (Matt. 27:51). Top to bottom! That way there was no mistaking Who was doing the tearing! God is the victor the agenda maker. He made a way and welcomes us to follow Him wholeheartedly and He promises to complete that which He started in our life, not almost but everything on the agenda. Everything else we think ought to be on the list we entrust to Him because He is able to guard that which we entrust to Him (2 Tim. 1:12). Amen!

Independent Read: 2 Cor. 5:21, Phil. 1:6

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