Go 2

2018-03-22 15.16.49

After the death of Joshua, the Israelites asked the LORD…. the LORD answered…          Judges 1:1-2

Have you ever had someone you feel is so much stronger than you in the faith? Someone easy to talk to and their advice never seems condescending or critical? Someone whos’ passionate and authentic pursuit of God just inspires you? Whether you have someone like this or not you probably want to be someone like this for another.  Sometimes though I think for us to become that kind of person our “strong person”, our “go 2” has to literally be our go 2 as in who we go to second. God needs to be our first strong Person.

It wasn’t until Joshua their leader had died that Israel talked to God. They no longer asked Moses or Joshua they had to go directly to God. As a parent I have an opportunity to often be the “go 2” for my kids. I love my kids and it would be easy to pour my heart out to them with my loving, well meaning two cents right away. Maybe though, just maybe I need to step back and make myself the “go 2, second”. When my kids come to me for advice I can ask first, “Have you prayed about it?” “What do you feel God saying to you as you have laid it before Him in prayer?” “What have you searched out in His Word regarding the subject?”  Then… let the conversation go from there… maybe “Can we pray together?”  Make God the first authority on any issue.

As much as I love my children I have to realize somehow He loves them more and deserves first position in their lives. I will continue to seek His wisdom fervently in raising them for Him as He has entrusted them to me for such a time as this. However He has entrusted me to point them to Him first and foremost. In all my human love I do not want to get in the way and become a stumbling block between my children and God. I have to let go and let God be their stronghold, the first one they turn to.

After that whole generation had been gathered to their fathers, another generation grew up, who knew neither the LORD nor what he had done.. Judges 2:10 How does a whole generation grow up not knowing the LORD?! Jesus will stand the test of time… already has but faith within my family… that could die with me if I fail to point them to Him. I like a quote by Mark Batterson, “Even when I’m not responsible, I can be response-able.” I may not be responsible for how things are or have been but I am able to respond anyway I choose. “The only handicap is a bad attitude.”

Jesus, today I choose, with Your help, to remove anything between You and I, and I pray that I not get in between anyone else and You.

Independent Read: Matt. 6:33, Prov. 4:23, 3 John 1:4

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