Looking For Your Fortune?!

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A young Levite from Bethlehem in Judah, who had been living within the clan of Judah, left that town in search of some other place to stay. Judges 17:7-8

Have you ever felt like, “This can’t be all there is!” Or, “I have so much more potential that’s just not being tapped into!” Or, “The next big thing has to be just around the corner!” I think if we are honest we all have at one point or another felt like this. I believe the Levite from Bethlehem did too. Maybe because the Israelites were not obeying the Lord possibly he was not receiving his appropriate allotment, but for whatever reason Scripture lets us know that Johnathan the Levite left Bethlehem for some other place to stay.

It seems Johnathan was driven by material things as Judges 17:10 says he was offered a yearly wage, food and clothing to stay with a certain household and be their priest. Great offer, Johnathan was in! However, only until the next best thing came along! By Judges 18:19 Johnathan is urged to, Come with us, and be our father and priest. Isn’t it better that you serve a tribe and clan in Israel as priest rather than just one man’s household? Verse 20 says Johnathan was glad, He took the ephod, the other household gods and the carved image and went along with the people. Notice he didn’t seek the Lords direction but he made sure to take the material man made gods and carved images with him.

How easy it is to rationalize ourselves right into the same line of thinking! It MUST be Gods way look at how He is calling me out and increasing my influence all the while we pack up our “idols” to take with us. Create in me a pure heart, O God, and renew a steadfast spirit within me. Psalm 51:10 Conform my heart, my will, my desires Lord to Yours, truly Yours.

Maybe God isn’t prompting us to look for the next big thing but to see right now the little thing He wants to do a big thing with for His kingdom. Isn’t it the little things that are the big things in His kingdom anyways?!! God used Ehud’s left hand (probably seen as a disability not being right handed) to kill an evil king (Judges 3). God used a girl with a tent peg in her hand to ultimately strengthen the Israelites (Judges 4). He used an oxgoad in Shamgar’s hand to strike down 600 Philisines! These people didn’t have to go looking for the next big thing. God used them right where they were at with exactly what was already in their hand, even when it may have seemed like a disability.

The only true disability is a bad attitude. We can easily miss the “opportunity of a lifetime” when we are too busy looking for the “opportunity of a life time”. None of us are guaranteed the next moment so be faithful with where you are at with what you have in the moment you are in.  “Its not joy that makes us grateful, its gratitude that makes us joyful.”

Independent Read: Prov. 16:9, James 4:13-15

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