Hope For The Flawed

2018-03-31 23.25.33

But the hair on his head began to grow again after it had been shaved. Judges 16:22

I LOVE “buts” in Scripture and Judges 16:22 has a GREAT one! Sampson had just given into some intense temptation after several attempts to stand up under it. He finally let the secret to his incredible strength leak out to the enemy. He paid an awfully high price for doing so too. Samson’s strength was given to him by God as long as his hair remained unshaven. However once the secret was leaked the enemy of course shaved his head then proceeded to pluck out his eyes and take him captive. BUT Scripture says his hair began to grow back and so did his strength!!! This is such a picture of God’s incredible grace, mercy, forgiveness and love for His flawed servant of which I am one!!!!

There is hope for the flawed in Jesus!! We see in verse 28, Then Sampson prayed to the LORD, O Sovereign LORD, remember me. O God, please strengthen me just once more… God does answer Samson’s prayer and with his returned strength Samson has his greatest victory over the enemy ever! You see despite Samson’s flaws and failures God never forgot him! When will we realize “we are more sinful than we ever dare to believe and more loved than we ever dare hope!! You will never fail so far that Mighty God is not able to place a “but” in your life just as He did in Samson’s.

Independent Read: Romans 8:38-39




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