God’s Got It

2018-04-05 09.35.19

Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight. Proverbs 3:5-6

Too often we think we got it. That things in our hands, our control, is so much better/safer than trusting the God who holds all things together regardless of what we think or do. He doesn’t need our help either, too often our “helping” at our own initiative only makes things worse!

Saul relied on his own understanding in 1 Samuel 13 and in verse 13 he was told “You acted foolishly…” Saul didn’t think God was going to show up and his situation was only getting worse so he decided he better take charge since God didn’t seem to have things under control. How often I behave as if I feel the same and how foolish I am to do so!

In 1 Samuel 14 Saul decides to inquire of the Lord however in mid inquiry Saul tells the priest “Withdraw your hand.” (verse 19) God wasn’t acting fast enough for Saul… couldn’t God see he was missing his military moment for having the upper hand?!? Saul in a sense says I got this God. Oh how easy it is for me to see the short comings in Saul! However how often I pray and fail to wait or even earnestly seek His answer before I go ahead and take matters in my own hand… acting like God can’t possibly understand my time crunch?!?! Lady, all of time is in His hand, He created it!!!! When will I get a clue!?!

Third example I was faced with today in Scripture… could God possibly be trying to underline a concept for me?!?!! 1 Samuel 14:36 says Saul comes up with what seems to be a brilliant plan in his own mind and everyone goes along with it except one. But the priest said, “Let us inquire of God here.” I am so thankful that God has placed faithful servants of His around me to remind me not to get ahead of God, to lay my requests before Him and wait patiently for His response. His way, His timing is always best. I want His perfect will even more than I want His permissive will no matter how much I find myself begging for my own way, or in worse cases, just taking my own way causing havoc!

God is always moving His perfect Kingdom plan along, just perfectly. May I submit to serving Him wholeheartedly and with a willing, trusting mind always, even when I don’t see or understand. Jesus is a way maker… where there was no way, He made a way (John 3:16). He is the Way. Trust Him.

Independent Read: 1 Samuel 14:6

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