What’s Your Theme?

2018-04-11 09.52.52

From you comes the theme of my praise in the great assembly; Psalm 22:25

Maybe it’s the teacher brain in me that sparked to the word “theme”. I know it may seem silly to some but my brain ignites with theme planning. Just walking through the office supply aisle or glancing through a teacher catalog can set off this giddiness to which I may loose sleep to this level of excitement!

To paint the picture for the more normal human race, in a thematic classroom things change regularly  to correlate to the current theme. For example if the theme is “bug’s and insects” your collection of story books and readings will center around bugs and insects, your math lessons could use plastic bug manipulates, your science center will have real live observable and hands on exploration of bugs and insects. Art will create bugs and music will sing songs about bugs and insects…. you get the picture; general learning takes place under the umbrella of an engaging theme that ignites a passion for leaning cross curriculum.

The planning of such themes within a classroom just sends me flying (flying your freak flag– most of you are probably thinking!) None the less this word “theme” in Psalm 22:25 got me to pause and think deeper.  Praying… Jesus, from You comes my theme.

By definition theme is the subject of talk, topic, a persons thoughts… what I’m all about should be Jesus. Like how in a thematic classroom general learning is going on yet every activity possesses the element of the current theme; the theme enhances the learning taking place. So every thought, every activity, every person I meet, every place I go, every decision I make should correlate along with the “theme” of Jesus in my life. Do I love, make decisions, forgive, express grace and mercy, take courage, kindness, gentleness, joy and so much more into everything I do according to Him, His example and His Word?! If Jesus is my true theme I will. Too often I revert to the things of this world and myself, (and that makes for a very boring classroom) a way of living that risks the great adventure God planned for my life.

Jesus, from You comes my theme. Help me to allow You to work it out in the entire “classroom” of my life.

Independent Read: Psalm 86:11


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