2018-04-18 07.56.53

Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Matthew 11:28

This little robin has visited our backyard all week long coming and going as he pleases. We see him feasting at our feeders and on our garden worms. If you look closely you will notice he is standing on one leg. He has two but hops around very avidly on one resting his second leg down every once in a while. His little leg is either injured or disabled but he still flies like a champ and fends for himself while feeding amongst the other birds and rabbits that frequent our yard.

I have found such joy in having him here this week I do hope he will continue to visit. I’m up early looking for him and get so excited when he arrives. I’ve enjoyed being able to identify him with his one sturdy leg and knowing I could provide in some small way for him with our feeders, even if it is just for awhile while he heals.

As I contemplated the rich blessing of this robin; the overflowing joy it has brought my heart; it was like God said, “See!” The way you feel about this birds visits and being able to provide for him is just a taste of what I feel when you come to Me!

What joy it brings our Heavenly Father when we take time to visit Him and allow Him to be our rest, to fill our hearts right up with provision like only He would know how to do.

Have you visited with Him today? As I have watched with joyful anticipation for my special robin this week, I know He’s watching for you.

Independent Read: John 4:8



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