The Day Job

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Obed-Edom.. the gatekeepers – also to be doorkeepers of the ark. 1 Chronicles 15:18,24

Obed-Edom was a gatekeeper it would seem and then was made a doorkeeper of the ark of God! God used what he was already doing to serve His kingdom. Obed-Edom probably never would have guessed as he got ready each day to go out to his job as a gatekeeper that God was preparing him to be the doorkeeper of the ark!!

It’s being faithful where you are at with what you have until you are clothed with power from on high to do or go elsewhere (Luke 24:49).

It’s looking to His strength and seeking His face day after day because its in His presence we find strength and joy (1 Chronicles 16:15,27).

It’s remembering who He is, the wonders He has done and knowing He is a God that remembers his promises (1 Chronicles 16:12,15).

Its doing the little things as though they were big things (Colossians 3:23).

It’s choosing to walk in faith and trust. Only 2 times in the Bible does it say Jesus was amazed. Amazed! What could amaze the Creator of the universe?! Faith that’s what! In Matt. 8:5-13 its because of the great faith of the centurion. He believed Jesus could heal his distant servant by just a word even though Jesus had not used this method of healing before! In Mark 6:6 Jesus was amazed at the lack of faith of the people in His own home town.

Lets be people of faith and trust in the big and the small, day after day; even when we do not see or understand what and how He is working, because He remembers His promise to complete every good purpose He starts in a human life (Phil. 1:6). After all it’s a good thing Obed-Edom didn’t give up his day job right!

Independent Read: Luke 1:37

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