2018-04-24 10.30.16

Once again there was a battle between the Philistines and Israel. David went down with his men to fight against the Philistines, and he became exhausted. 2 Samuel. 21:15

Something about this verse had me stuck on it this morning; I think it was the word exhausted. We have a new puppy in the house and I found myself curled up with him on our kitchen floor this morning about 4:00am after taking him out to do his business in the dark cold rain. So yes I think it was the word exhausted that had me circle back around to it and contemplate reasons for exhaustion (other than a new puppy).

Failure vs. Fertilizer: Letting failure consume you is depressing and an amazing energy drainer. Satan is pleased when he can paralyze us in depression and defeat. If we would choose to interpret our situations and setbacks and failures as fertilizer used to grow and stretch and prepare us for the next adventure, it is energizing. Nothing good grows when left alone. Just those pesky weeds that choke your garden. Such is the same with our lives; if we are not intentionally allowing God to fertilize us and let that fertilizing do its work we will just end up surrounded by weeds in a pile of dung, right?! (Romans 1:21)

-Worry vs. Worship: Good worriers have the potential to be the best worshipers. Worry is rooted in wells of emotion and incredible imagination. Satan loves that if he can keep our imaginations occupied with worry we are not using our minds to focus on worshiping our Creator who fills our minds with fulfilling His purpose for our lives. Worry can be very exhausting since most things we worry about never happen anyway – empty energy. So if we worriers could just ask God to help us re channel our worrying into worship we just might find ourselves being renewed day after day with His energy (Colossians 1:29).

When I find myself exhausted like David I would do well to examine the cause; sometimes it is just plain exhaustion because “once again” there is another battle like there was for David. Or a new puppy in the home. However if you read further in 2 Samuel you will see God provides a friend to rescue David in his exhaustion and He will do the same for us in His own way, if we are willing to cast our cares on Him knowing He does care (1 Peter 5:7). But then we need to be willing to receive that which He offers and not continue to worry. 😉

Independent Read: Psalm 55:22, Luke 12:25, Isaiah 40:31

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