2018-05-02 10.35.44

Give us today our daily bread. Matt. 6:11

Jesus could have told us to ask for our weekly bread or our yearly bread. The way I complain sometimes its a wonder He didn’t teach me to pray that way!! No, Jesus didn’t tell some of us He only had the patience to handle us once a year or once a month, He tells us all to ask for our daily bread because in all His grace, mercy, forgiveness, patience and love, Jesus wants to meet with us DAILY.

I likened it to our new puppy greeting us in the morning or greeting the kids when they come home from school. The puppy gets all excited, jumping and licking and wagging his tail. It just makes us humans feel so good that another life gets so excited to see us! We know what our puppy wants already – to be pet, fed, played with and loved on, walked – but it is still such a delight that he comes to tell us in such ways!

How much more is our heavenly Father delighted each day that we would come to Him! He already knows what we need; He is giving us the very breath needed to sustain our lives right now! However just as we look forward to and desire our puppies love, oh so much more, SO very much more our heavenly Father desire us – DAILY.

Independent Read: Matt. 7:11, 1 Thess. 5:17


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