A Faith That Climbs Up

2018-05-04 09.18.00

Can you imagine the moment Isaac says,

…okay dad, lets obey God; I’ll climb up on the alter.

WOW! As a parent you never want to see your child suffer and you would do anything, ANYTHING to take it upon yourself and spare them the hardship.  But what about when you can’t? What about when God has entrusted your child with a task so great, packed with so much Kingdom impact that we cannot possibly understand it this side of heaven and it’s something only they can steward? Abraham was faced with such a situation. (Genesis 22)

God said, Take your son, your only son, Isaac, whom you love, and… sacrifice him. He and his son set out, three days later they came to the mountain, climbed it and built the alter. Isaac speaks up, “Father?” “Yes, my son?” Abraham replied. “The fire and wood are here, but where is the lamb for the burnt offering?” Can you imagine the conversation that followed?! Abraham well advanced in years probably was in no condition to wrestle a strong young man up onto the alter… Isaac had to climb up; willingly.

I can’t imagine the heart ache of Abraham upon receiving the word of the Lord; no one wants to get passed that kind of baton. Yet as he told his son what God had requested of his life; something incredible happened; he watched his son climb up on the alter honoring God’s Sovereign will above his own; willingly!

When you witness your child run that baton you didn’t want to take, through the finish line like no one else could have, with a faith and a trust that blows your own out of the water, Gods Kingdom is impacted mightily!

Abraham’s heart torn yet filled with joy knowing his sons heart was full of indescribable faith in the One who is always faithful (3 John 1:4). How much more do you think our heavenly Father feels toward us when He knows He has required much of His child yet witnesses His child’s heart demonstrating true love through authentic obedience?!

Isaac was spared and richly blessed throughout his life, God was always with him. God has promised to always be with us too, no matter what alter He may have us climb.  Jesus already took the greatest alter for us, made the greatest sacrifice. Now no alter we may be required to climb ends in defeat but in victory; because of the cross we have eternal life! It is just as Abraham said in Gen. 22:8 when he answered his sons question about what was to be sacrificed, “God himself will provide the lamb for the burn offering my son.”

Jesus the precious lamb of God has overcome!

Independent Read: 1 John 5:4, Rev. 17:14, John 1:29

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