Hope In The Right Direction

2018-05-29 11.35.38

Hope deferred makes the heart sick but a longing fulfilled is a tree of life. Proverbs 13:12

Reading the story of The Widow’s Oil in 2 Kings 4:1-7 it seems the widows hope is waning. Ever been there? You’ve hoped and hoped and you just feel like you’ve come up with pretty much nothing? This widow did, as she says in verse 2 when Elisha asks what she has in her home and she responds, “…nothing… except a little oil.” Praise Jesus He is a God Who can do a whole lot with just a little!

Elisha tells the widow in verse 3 to go around to all the neighbors and ask for empty jars. (I was reminded of the story in Luke 10 in which the question was asked of Jesus “who is my neighbor?” and the answer really is everyone, EVERYONE.) Elisha tells her to gather all the empty jars behind closed doors (closed doors… so this coming miracle was not for show but for her individually it seems) in her own home and fill each gathered empty jar with the little oil she had. The widow had just enough hope left to not question him or his methods and do just as she was told.  If you know the story you know EVERY jar she gathered, she was able to continue to pour into until each one was full!

The next time my hope is waning maybe its just that I need to redirect that hope. Have I become distracted by the world? Or is my hope solely fixed on Jesus whom is the tree of life. I may be hoping He would change my circumstances but maybe its not my circumstances He wants to change, but like the widow was told to go behind doors…  maybe the miracle that He wants to do for me is inside of me so that I’d allow Him to form my perspective, and redirect my hope to Him alone. Do I have enough faith and hope to just do, and not questions His methods? I can pray for that.

You see, like the widow I may be freaking out because I have so little but when my hope is in Jesus, the great I AM, and that is where my eyes are fixed I just might hear Him say… “Go find all the people empty of Me right where you are at in your current circumstances and start pouring out the little that you do have, and you will see that I will pour out so much oil (His Holy Spirit) through you that you will never run dry!! Remember I am the tree of LIFE!” Hope renewed daily.

Independent Read: Psalm 68:5, John 10:10

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