Take My Boat

2018-08-03 12.13.45

…he saw at the water’s edge two boats… Luke 5:2

The small bit of information in the beginning of Luke 5 could easily be missed.  At the waters edge there were how many boats? TWO!

Jesus got into Peter’s boat despite who Peter was (unschooled and ordinary Acts 4:13). Maybe because in Peter (unschooled and ordinary as he was) there was a heart willing to have faith.

Verse 5 indicates that Peter was willing to try again, just because Jesus said so, even after an exhausting night of failure.

Verse 11, Peter was willing to leave all he had to be with Jesus. Where are we going? What does fish for people even mean? Can I get a long term plan and some guarantees?! Those questions were never brought up, Peter with his heart willing to have faith just left with Jesus.

Now back to the detail that there were two boats on the shore. Jesus doesn’t force any of us to give back to Him that which He has blessed us with. Peter’s boat wasn’t really his… Who designed the seed and grew the tree and enabled the mind to build Peter’s boat? God had entrusted Peter with a boat and when it came time that Jesus had use for it Peter gave it freely. If he hadn’t, Jesus might have just moved on to boat number two.

I don’t want Jesus to have to move on to boat number two in my life. I want to be like Peter and even though quite as ordinary as they come, choose to have a heart willing to have faith in the One who makes all things extraordinary!

Independent Read: Philippians 4:13

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