Trust Me Enough

2018-08-21 10.20.55

So do not throw away your confidence; it will be richly rewarded. Hebrews 10:35

This morning I dropped off 5 of my 6 kiddos at school to begin yet another year of new learning adventures. As excited as I am to see them spread their wings and soar to the heights that God intended I still find myself sitting here fighting one of those headaches you get from trying too hard to hold back your tears! (And I wasn’t even that good at holding them back!) But as I sat down at my kitchen table I looked out into the backyard and noticed that one of our sunflowers had bloomed!! Some of them have grown incredibly tall that I worried if they might ever bloom?!! Yet on this day God chose to open one of those buds to remind me that, As for me, I will always have hope; (and for that) I will praise you more and more. Psalm 71:14

Last night as we worked through our family bible study, Hebrews 10:35 was one of the verses mentioned and than as if God was trying to underline or highlight it for us it turned up on my phone as the verse of the day today in my bible app!! It reminds us not to throw away our confidence in Him. Psalm 71:15 says, My mouth will tell of your righteousness, of your salvation all day long, though I know not its measure. None of us know when the number of our days will be up but don’t we want to be remembered as one who magnified our Lord! How better to do that then to place our absolute trust in Him.

I’m reminded of Numbers 20 when the Israelite’s were complaining to Moses and Aaron for lack of water. God spoke to Moses and said to (20:8) Take the staff… Speak to the rock before their eyes and it will pour out its water. The story goes Moses took the staff and instead of speaking to the rock as God said to, Moses hit the rock with the staff to produce the water and thus loosing the blessing of entering the promised land.

I wonder why God would have told Moses to bring the staff when He only wanted Moses to speak to the rock? Could it have been to test Moses’ trust in Him? The staff was used to preform many, many signs and wonders. Could it have become a source of confidence to Moses? Scripture clearly tells us of Moses insecurity in his own speaking ability (Exodus 4:10) yet that is what God asks him to use instead of the staff at this point.

Might God have been asking Moses, do you trust Me with your weakness? Moses, it was never about your mouth, it has always been about My mighty hand. Maybe missing out on the blessing of the promised land was more for Moses safety than a punishment?! God needed someone that trusted Him completely without hesitation to lead His people into this next step in their journey even if it meant God wanted to use what he felt was his weakest inability, the area he might have felt most insecure. Num. 20:12 you did not trust me enough…

I know I do not want to miss another opportunity to magnify my God because I threw away my confidence in His mighty arm. I don’t want to miss another opportunity to magnify Him because I’m too fixated on my magnified insecurities!

I’m so grateful that despite the fact that Moses made a mistake, God our Rock still produced water for the people from the rock Moses struck instead of spoke to. See, Jesus is our Rock and He is a God of second chances, a God of forgiveness and mercy and grace. He died and rose again to set us free not tally our wrongs and keep us in bondage. Satan speaks the lie about our insecurities but Jesus says give me your weakness and let My mighty arm do something beautiful through it to magnify My name and My Kingdom! Come My precious child and just trust Me enough…

Independent Read: Hebrews 11:6, 2 Corinthians 12:9-10

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