Just Because You Don’t Know…

2018-10-05 10.09.29

Blessed is the man who does not fall away on account of me. Matthew 11:6, Luke 7:23

In Matthew chapter 11 and in Luke chapter 7 John the baptist from prison sends his friends to Jesus. He wants his buddies to ask Jesus if He actually is who he thinks He is.  “What!?” you say, “John the baptist?!” Yes. even he had a moment when he wondered if he was getting it right, or if he had just completely missed the mark. All he ever did was what God called him to do… prepare the way for God (no easy task)! Now that He had come John was sitting in prison. “This makes no sense unless maybe I didn’t do it right or maybe I got it all wrong but gosh I’ve been trying so hard! Jesus break me out this can’t be right!!” Maybe we have all had our doubts and discouraging thoughts when things don’t look like what we thought or expected.

Jesus responds in a way that John would know he hadn’t gotten it wrong, Jesus was who John knew Him to be… God. John only got wrong his idea and plan for how he thought God was going to work out his story. Am I allowing Him to shape my expectations or do I cling to my own? Jesus tells him the same message I pray to receive no matter what my moments bring… blessed is the man who does not fall away from faith because of the way I choose to work out the plan.  He knows things I don’t and understands things I can’t so will I trust Him as I pray for ever increasing trust and a faith unshakable? I hope so because sometimes (I would bet MOST times) we aren’t going to know or understand the impact He is making through your life through those things that seem small, insignificant, unappreciated, awful, like a prison… John didn’t.

It wasn’t until John’s buddies left that Jesus began speaking to the crowd about the greatness of His servant John! (Matthew 11:7) Matthew 11:11 states, I tell you the truth: Among those born of women there has not risen anyone greater than John the Baptist… WOW right! John didn’t hear Jesus say that, John had to exercise faith in a moment that didn’t make sense, he had to hold on and not give up because of what he didn’t know!

I find it interesting that Jesus says what He does about him in Matthew 11:11 but in John 10:41 it states, ...though John never performed a miraculous sign… so wait, nothing miraculous yet Jesus calls him something super amazing!?! John 10:41-42 …all that John said about this man was true. And in that place many believed in Jesus. WOW! It’s not being, doing or looking miraculous… it IS, not falling away but keeping your faith in the miraculous One within you, when you don’t understand and it doesn’t make sense and it looks like quite possibly your life has amounted to not much that brings about the miraculous… That kind of faith pleases God and turns others eyes to the only One who can save them too!  You may not even ever know about the miraculous God did with your life until the other side of heaven!!! But He is faithful and blessed is the one that does not fall away!

Independent Read: Galatians 6:9, Matthew 25:23

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