How True!

2018-11-09 17.13.31

I now realize how true… Acts 10:34

It’s truly igniting when God reveals more of His Truths to our hearts! The fire in our hearts and souls ignited by Jesus Himself is more precious than the very breath in our lungs!

I recently had the dots between Genesis 12 and probably most of the new testament tied together! And I too like Peter in Acts 10 once again exclaim about Who Jesus is and His character in the Scriptures, “HOW TRUE!”.

Gen.12:1-3 God gives Abram a promise and according to verse three ALL people on earth would be blessed… ALL PEOPLE not JUST the Jews… His heart has always been to save ALL people, to bring them ALL to a saving knowledge of Him within His family as His children!

The Jews are God’s chosen people but He died and rose again to make all people, Jews and Gentiles alike His own! How often do we as humans draw lines God never intended to be drawn?! There is absolute Truth and God will not bend it, but He died for you to know it, to know Him and His love that surpasses depths any human can fully comprehend, then to share it with ALL. True love however is tough because it is true. Will we love with the same mercy and grace He has lavished upon us (Romans 5:5) yet hold to His absolute Truth so strongly that we fight against the fear of offending others… not offending them… all the way to hell?!

In Acts 10:47 it is realized that the Gentiles had now received the Holy Spirit just as the Jews had! Jesus died and rose again conquering death because He loves us ALL! Acts 10:15 states, Do not call anything impure that God has made clean. WOW! No matter how far any of us has strayed from the Truth, in sincere repentance He offers grace, mercy, forgiveness, and new life! No matter how impure we have been He can make us clean!!! Do we believe this for ourselves… for ALL others?! His Word is TRUE! “No Jesus, no life. Know Jesus, know life!” How True!!

Independent Read: John 10:10, John 3:16, Psalm 51:7, 2 Corinthians 5:17

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