OF what path do you run?

2018-12-29 08.40.42

to shine on those living in darkness and in the shadow of death, to guide our feet into the path of peace. Luke 1:79

So in an attempt to avoid the dreadmill, I mean treadmill yesterday I decided since my husband had the day off and could watch the kids I would take an outdoor run. However the expectation I had of an invigorating run like the kind you see runners take usually in the beginning credits of movies through crisp morning air through gently falling snowflakes… yeah, that wasn’t my reality.

My reality: I wore layers so that I could be appropriately clad for the 20 degree air as I began to warm up, however I just looked like that little boy on that movie, you know the one where he just can’t move and falls over… picture that trying to run. plus I mistakenly wore my glasses not contacts so trying to see between each breath I took through my scarf (yes I even had a scarf flaying) that inevitably fogged up my glasses so visibility was intermittent at best. Actually I even had an elderly couple stop me mid run on the sidewalk and ask if I was running for help?! Really people?! I mean some of us just can’t help that when we attempt a workout we appear to be dying!! I guess that was pretty clear direction that my dream of becoming a movie run model should just die!! But wait there is more…

I was determined to be invigorated and energized regardless of how I looked to the outside world and chose to listen to a podcast sermon on PEACE no less! However my earbuds kept shorting out and I found myself feeling absolutely NO peace as I sucked frozen air through my scarf, searing my lungs, exhaling fog on my glasses blinding my sight all while continuing to attempt what some would question as running, in enough layers to clothe the third world!!! That’s when God got through with the whisper of the word OF.

Luke 1:79 states He guides us to the path OF peace! The path OF peace means its not a path leading TO peace, the WHOLE path is a path OF peace!! Gosh, Lord I’m so sorry! Here I am looking for peace when You are already walking with me ON it!! I was just not willing to receive it! So for the remainder of my run went something like this…

Jesus thank you that my nerves work to feel the invigorating air, thank you that I have glasses that help me see better and that they fog up to let me know I’m still alive with a breath in my lungs and a heart beat! Thank you that I have enough clothes to actually layer up, thank you that I have ears to hear and a brain that notices when my earbuds short out. Thank you that I have a family to run home to. And thank You that you have put people in the world that would stop in concern for someone they felt was in distress. Jesus thank you for guiding me on this path OF so much peace!!

My run may not have looked like the model run to the world but neither may life, because often life gets messy and complicated but that’s why Jesus came, to shine on those living in darkness and in the shadow of death… to lift our hearts, minds and eyes to see that in Him we are ON the path of peace, peace that passes understanding. So today I wish you peace that passes the worlds understanding as you take His perspective and realize as long as you are walking/running (or in my case attempting to run) with Him you already are on the path OF peace so you can stop looking for it and start enjoying it as you receive it every step of the path. God bless!

Independent Read: Philippians 4:7


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