The Calling – In This Place

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You know it, “the calling”.  Typically a parent becomes the most popular, most sought after human being on the planet after 8:30pm at night. Am I right?! And we all know “the calling” and by the sound of our children’s voice we can pretty much predict exactly what each “calling” of our name is for. There is the incessant calling that turns your name into a song after you haven’t answered because they too know “no more drinks of water!”. There is the bathroom call that spouses always look at each other like they heard NOTHING because you should know “it’s YOUR turn!”.  There is the bad dream or fall out of bed call in which you almost insight your own death trying to get there fast enough to ensure you’re here and their going to live. Then there’s “it’s 9:00 but this is the time I thought it best to tell you I have an elaborate research / math project I need help with and it’s due tomorrow” calling. So we all know a calling finds you, why do so many of us keep seeking it?

Read 1 Samuel 3.

Young Samuel was just in his place says verse 9 which happened to be in a place that honored God (verse 3) and he was just going about fulfilling his purpose right then in that season of his life. Chapter 3 starts out, The boy Samuel ministered before the LORD under Eli. The Scripture DOESN’T say, “Samuel was frantic because he felt ill equipped to have been dedicated to the Lord by age 4 and was wondering what God had exactly called him to specifically because by now he was like 12 at least and verse 7 says the word of the Lord had not yet been revealed to him, and did God even know that Eli really wasn’t the best role model, I mean maybe God had gotten it all wrong and had him dropped off at the wrong place!?!” NO, Scripture says none of that! That would have been me but this is about Samuel.

The Scripture goes on to say God calls to Samuel 4 times during this particular night. Now before we all think, gosh if He would only be so loud and clear with me lets take a deeper look. Samuel did not know it was God calling him, he actually thought it was Eli. 3 of the 4 times God called to Samuel he ran to Eli saying “Here I am.” Could God’s call on your life for such a time as this come through something so familiar we almost miss it?! Maybe a friend, a family member, a song, a sermon, a familiar passage in Scripture, a need going unmet by others…. Do we live with a heightened awareness that God is always on the move and looking for hearts fully devoted to Him in order to strengthen and equip them for His service and glory every day everywhere?!  Or do we brush off what might be the call of God on your life because it seems so mundane and common place? (Note: Nothing should be considered mundane and common place when handed to you by the Mighty hand of God.)

I find it encouraging that God called Samuel repeatedly, even past the three strikes your out! It wasn’t until the fourth call that Samuel says. “Speak Lord, for your servant is listening.” (verse 9). I’m so glad God calls back aren’t you?!! He is not hiding from any of us but says seek and you will find! (Matt. 7:7) 1 Samuel 3:21 says the Lord, revealed himself to Samuel through His Word and I believe He is still doing that today. We can live on every word that comes from the mouth of God (Matt. 4:4) and if we will just humble ourselves and ask He does give His Spirit without limit! (John 4:34) He does have a calling for your life, in fact He might have many callings!

Mark 4:26-29 talks about a farmer that just does his thing right were he is day and night and though he has no idea how, God produces something wonderful with his life’s work! John 4:34-38 also talks about farming… am I one that sits around waiting for four more months until I feel the conditions are right and I feel ready and I feel equipped or do I jump right in, right where I’m at because Jesus says EVEN NOW, EVEN NOW the harvest is happening! I don’t want to miss being apart of what God is doing because I’m too busy waiting to FEEL ready!

I’ll end with this, in Luke 24:37 it says, the disciples were startled and frightened… I can relate can’t you… thinking, if I volunteer, if I step up, people are going to think I’m totally unqualified and maybe because I am, but if there is a need to be met and God is on the move in this place and I’m right there in my place like Samuel was maybe I need to listen to Jesus’ words to his disciples that day recorded in verse 38. “Why are you troubled, and why do doubts rise in your minds? Look at my hands and my feet. It is I myself!” He is bigger than my short comings, bigger than my past mistakes because He has overcome! His scars trump mine, praise His holy name! So yes Lord Jesus like Samuel I say, Here I am, speak for Your servant is listening, I want to answer Your call to fulfill Your purpose right now in this season of life with whatever You have put in front of me in this place.

Jesus, please give me eyes to see, ears to hear, a heart willing to follow in obedient joy with ever increasing trust and faith in You.


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