A, B, C, D – Jesus loves me.

2019-04-06 10.28.42

Ever wonder what a caterpillar must be thinking

when God calls it to start spinning?!

The little guy is just crawling along one day when God says, “Go for it buddy!”

He’s like, “WHAT?!! You got the wrong insect it ain’t me. I’m just a hungry!”

“I got no prior experience to pull from what-so-ever in cocooning!?!!”

“But I’ll help you find Your guy if You’re moving.”

“I bet You were looking for my friend spider who’s much more behooving.”

God says, “Nope,

you’re the one in My scope.”

So feeling quite ill equipped, the caterpillar starts out.

However He quickly finds there’s more to freak about!

“Now that I’ve started there’s no way I can finish!! What’s my part!?”

To which God replies, “Be still My child I’m known for finishing what I start.”

But then… “God now I’m all cramped up!” cries the caterpillar from His cocoon.

“I can’t see, and oh good heavens what’s happening to me!!?!?

“This is painful God! I thought You knew what You were doing

but now I’m booing!”

“I’m out on a limb!!”

Yet Caterpillar submits, steadfastly trusting that God will carry on and not purge.

Until one day the pain has subsided and he feels the urge…

to emerge!

“God, what do you think, am I done?”

“Common out, be free, you can do it dear one.”

So the caterpillar starts to squirm and push without caution.

Caterpillar thinks, Why is God not helping I’m at the point of exhaustion!

He breaks free! Much to his surprise the old has gone and something new has come!!

How exciting, how glorious, how grand, his hard work is done!

“I have wings! Glorious wings! Who would have thought this could be my fate?!!”

“My child not yet, you must wait.”

“WHAT?! All this and You say wait?!”

But the caterpillar again resigns his will, for his God is faithful and He said he would be free!

While caterpillar waits God teaches, “A, B, C and D

For Jesus loves me.

“Now what does A, B, C, D have to do with me? I need an evaluation.

“Well, in Me”, Jesus says, “you are A.ppointed for such a time, and situation.”

“To be who you are.”

“Not a spider.”

“But a caterpillar.”

“To B.ear much fruit to the praise, glory and display of My splendor!!”

But silly, not the kind you put in a blender.

“For who taught the caterpillar to spin a cocoon with out many tries?”

Why the Holy Spirit within those whom He abides!!

For it’s under God’s direction..

that a caterpillar performs perfectly in all its unqualified imperfection.

Jesus says, “You were C.hosen to do just that before the creation of the world!”

Now the caterpillar is still just waiting on God all curled.

Until God says, “NOW little one, spread those wings and FLY! Fly for me D.aily!!!

“So that everywhere you go

people will know.”

“Know that I A.ppooint to B.ear fruit cuz you’re C.hosen – D.aily

to be My treasured possession for the display of my splendor, mainly!”

“Well done,

My little one.”

“You trusted when you didn’t feel equipped,

and you feared you had tripped.”

“You trusted when it hurt and it seemed all wrong.

You waited even when if felt way too long.”

“You trusted in A, B, C and D.

You said, “Because Jesus loves me.”

“Well done!!”

“I needed you to struggle out of the cocoon on your own or you would have died

it was the struggle that made you strong enough to survive.”

“I needed you to wait because I needed to dry your wings, to soak them in my Light.”

“So that when you took flight,

you would not fall but soar

soar to heights you could never have dream or even imagined before.”

“To lure new hearts, for Me to ignite!!”

“I know how you felt little one, I too faced a similar plight.”

“The cross which didn’t make sense, I’d done nothing wrong.”

“But my Father sent His Spirit and I was strong.”

“So I took the cross and it so hurt

that I thought I would burst.”

“I wanted to get off but I trusted and submitted My will to His.”

“I entered the tomb

much like your cocoon.”

“But on day three I emerged alive to give life anew to all who

would choose to trust in Me like you.”

“So well done little one, well done

for on your faith many more will gain wind to soar

to new life because of the pain I boar.”

“Well done, little one, well done

Now welcome home My treasured one.”

Independent read: Ecc. 3:11, John 5:17, 2 Chron. 16:9, 2 Tim. 3:17, Hebrews 13:21, Phil. 1:6, 2 Cor. 5:17, John 3:16, Hebrews 12:2, Eph. 2:10, John 15:16, John 15:5, Isaiah 30:18, Is. 40:31, Matt. 11:6, Matt. 25:23, Mark 12:27, Matthew 28:6, Ps. 46:10, Prov. 3:5-6

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