Well vs. Wellness

2019-06-21 15.04.56

…It becomes a fresh, bubbling spring within them, giving them eternal life. John 4:14

I once fell through the ice, not on a well but on a pond behind our home one Wisconsin winter. I was “testing out the ice” (because that is what brilliant people do right?!?!) and thankfully I was just at the edge when I slipped out a bit too far which led to me walking home in soaked winter gear!

By God’s grace, mercy, goodness and unfailing love He saved me once again from myself that day!

But I’m reminded of another incident that occurred around water in John 4. There a woman came to a well to draw water when Jesus begins a conversation with her. She couldn’t believe that He would speak with her considering the social norms at that time but what He told her was even more remarkable!

Jesus tells her about living water and she begins to question Him with all sorts of doubtful thoughts in verses 11-12. But sir, you don’t have… this well is very deep. Where would you get… besides do you think you are greater than… how can you offer…?!?!?

Ever found yourself in that doubting boat; in waters way to deep to be handled on your own?

I’m reminded of John the Baptist. In Matthew 3:13-17 John baptizes Jesus and gets to witness God open the sky, and in an audible voice says, this is my Son whom I love with Him I am well pleased and the Holy Spirit descends on Him like a dove!!!!! YET…

In Matthew 11:1-6 we see John ask his buddies to go ask Jesus if He is REALLY the Messiah?! I wonder if his buddies looked at him funny at first like, really John, the ripped open heavens and the audible voice wasn’t enough?!

However they decided to do as John asked anyway, maybe because they felt bad he was in prison. But isn’t that what our “prisons” will do to our minds!?! Doubt floods it’s way into every nook and cranny!

Jesus responds to the women at the wells questions with a perspective shift just like He did to John’s buddies.

It’s easy to get so consumed and caught up by what we can see and what our current circumstances appear to be isn’t it? Though He IS into our details (like saving us from our “testing out the ice” ideas) He is weaving a tapestry with more than the one thread of our individual life. He sees the bigger picture and want’s us to trust Him with it.

I think He is after our eternal WELLNESS more than giving a temporary fix for the “WELL” we’re focused on. And even though the prison John the Baptist sat in seemed dark and confusing Jesus reminded him that he did know Truth and that we all will be blessed not to turn away because of how He does things (Matt. 11:6).

After all the Bible doesn’t hide the fact that we will experience hard times in this world. Psalm 23 tells us even though we walk through the valley of the shadow of death we do not have to be afraid.

Even if we got in that valley because of our own version of “testing out the ice” it doesn’t say Jesus is standing there reminding us we wouldn’t be there if we hadn’t done that or believed that lie. He’s not using that rod and staff mentioned in verse 4 to beat some sense into us, it is to comfort!!

And where does that Psalm say we are headed?! To a feast! Where our cup overflows with blessing! Why? Because He is good and is unfailing love! We can trust Him with our “well” and our eternal wellness!!

Praise Jesus and don’t turn away! He’ll take you into His arms even if you had to walk the whole way home soaking wet in winter gear because you had the “brilliant idea” to test out the ice!!

Independent Read: Isaiah 55:8-9, Proverbs 3:5-6, Romans 12:2, James 1:6, 1 John 4:8

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