Deployed and On Assignment

2019-07-17 17.26.14

I wait for the Lord, my whole being waits, and in his word I put my hope. Psalm 130:5

A dear friend shared in an email the other day her elation at being given another assignment from God. I was so intrigued with her view on life, that I find myself praying to also take such a perspective. God is always moving (John 5:17) and I want to be ready for active duty along side Him at any moment.

1 Corinthians 2:9 states, No eye has seen, no ear has heard, and no mind has imagined what God has prepared for those who love him. – This world feels like our reality but in fact the Kingdom of heaven is our home and true reality. Like Abraham we can confidently look forward to a city with eternal foundations, a city designed and built by God. (Heb. 11:10) A place with no more death, sorrow, crying or pain! (Rev. 21:4)

Revelation 21:7 states that, All who are victorious will inherit all these blessings, and I will be their God and they will be my children. Verse 8 starts, But cowards…. I see here in this verse 8 that cowards are grouped with unbelievers, corrupt, murderers, immoral, those who practice witchcraft, idol worshipers and all liars…. these will not make heavens entrance. – Cowards are those who abandon Jesus at the threats of the enemy, they fear persecution so badly that they choose the temporary relief this world gives over eternal life.

In the physical world our repercussions are more immediate when we make wrong choices… you choose to step out in front of a moving car and you get hit… in the spiritual realm it can be more delayed… sinful behavior may bring you temporary pleasure but in the end an unrepentant, unbelieving heart will lead to hell. 2 Peter 3:9 tells us God wants none to perish. However the choice is ours to make.

In this world all who believe in Jesus are on assignment deployed to bring the Good News of His Kingdom, of the Gospel of Jesus to a world that is passing away unless they too accept Him. Acts 13:22 tells us David was a man after God’s own heart. David made plenty of mistakes of which I am glad the Bible records giving hope for people like me!

No matter what happened to David he refused to turn away from God. David allowed each situation and circumstance to motivate him to seek deeper into God’s heart. Proving David had faith in Who God was more than in what God did.

Do we know God well enough that when God allows things to happen in our lives that we do not understand, that anger us or give us great fear or sorrow, we choose not to turn away but to go deeper into His heart?! Can we sift all our feelings about what we do not understand through the character of God depicted in the Scriptures and find strength and renewed hope… because it’s there.

Psalm 144:1-2 lists David naming God his rock, his loving ally, his fortress, his tower of safety, his rescuer, his shield… to need someone to be those kind of things you have not had a cake walk this side of heaven but to know someone as those things you have to be running to them not away.

This world seems like reality but in fact it is but a single breath in the lungs of eternity.

When David lost his son he said I will go to him one day, but he cannot return to me. (2 Sam. 12:23) David knew of a reality greater than his right now. When he lost his buddy Uzzah David was angry and afraid but before the end of chapter 6 in 2 Samuel he is found worshiping God with all his might!

Jesus prayed in John 17:20-26 for you and I, for all believers. He knew first hand being deployed and on assignment in this world would encompass many hardships, He tells us so in John 16:33. Jesus prays in verse 24 “Father, I want those you have given me to be with me where I am and in verse 23 He prays that the world would know Him and His love for us.

Now I’m pretty sure Jesus gets anything He prays for so if we choose to take part in the victory Jesus won on the cross and resurrection through simply believing we will be at the end party Revelation talks of… that one with no tears, sorrow or pain!

But this earthly mission is not for cowards, not for those who shrink away but for those who choose to persevere and stand firm in the faith in spite of persecution, hardship, and things that just don’t make sense to us. And the best part is that we were never asked to do it alone! Jesus has sent the Holy Spirit to reside within us and 1 John 4:4 states stronger is He who is in us than he who is in the world!

We get to choose what fills the void hardships can leave in this life – more faith or frustration and bitterness. But our mission, our deployment, our assignment holds too great an importance in the Fathers heart for us to give up!

We must persevere! There is a world out there literally dying to know the Truth we have in Jesus and it’s our job to bring it, to live out our faith in a Kingdom not of this world! So let’s not give the enemy the satisfaction of seeing us sidelined, sidetracked or worse out of the game entirely. Let’s let our mighty victorious God who always leads us in triumphal procession in Jesus to use every mistake, failure or hardship for His good and glory as He promises He can. (Romans 8:28, Gen. 50:20)

If you are breathing and believing you’ve already been deployed as a soldier in His army. He has an assignment for you unlike anyone else’s. He specifically placed inside you an angle that reflects Him like no one else He’s created. An angle of Him that someone else needs to see today.

Don’t miss today’s opportunity, today’s assignment to step up bravely, toe to the line in ever increasing trust that He Himself will be with you and maybe even be something to you you’ve never known before as you run into Him and not away.

He promises never to leave or forsake us (Heb. 13:5) so just keep your eyes fixed on Him the author and perfecter of your faith and He will direct your steps and make your paths straight…. straight through this world into your Kingdom home, and prayerfully there will be a trail of others following in your wake, soldier. You can do all things through Him who gives you strength. Phil. 4:13

Independent Read: Micah 7:8, 2 Cor. 2:14, Gal. 6:9, Prov. 3:5-6

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