One Silk Thread At A Time

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He who was seated on the throne said, “I am making everything new!” Then he said, “Write this down, for these words are trustworthy and true.” Revelation 21:5

Yesterday evening our youngest comes bounding inside exclaiming, “Mom, dad, come super quick there is something super amazing out here!” Now coming from our adventurous 5 year old we both did bound up “super quick” because you never know what he constitutes as “super amazing”! It could be he built a road ramp for his bike… off the roof! Of which I would say, the only thing super amazing about that is how God intervened before it got used!! God does answers prayer people! Amen!

Actually the “super amazing” was not life threatening and got the whole family excited. It was this GIANT brown caterpillar with a black strip across its back and when you tried to pick it up (not me of course, one of the boys) it shot out two horns from its head and a crazy smell! Once we got it in a jar with adequate air and food supply we researched it and found it was going to be this GIANT yellow butterfly pictured above!

We also found that because it was brown it was just about to create it’s cocoon! We also learned that it must be a late bloomer because you don’t find many this late in the season at this stage. Most have moved on BUT God had a specific message for my heart and I believe His purpose and timing for this little one crawling across our front porch was going exactly according to His perfect plan, not late at all, contrary to what the world wide web would have to say.

Is there a Truth God is trying to bring you that may be running contrary to the worlds perspective?

Call to me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know. Jer. 33:3

So that night after the kids had all gone to bed my husband and I sat together just watching as God’s little creation began to spin it’s cocoon!!!! I mean have you ever seen that?! It’s just all awestruck wonder! But that’s when I heard God’s voice to my heart.

He said, “Girl… do you think that caterpillar has ever made a cocoon before? Do you think he is sure of what he is doing, like he went to caterpillar cocoon making school and graduated with honors? Do you think he feels qualified?

I’m thinking… gosh probably not, it’s probably completely uncharted territory for this little one. I mean even his parents are off flying around somewhere unable to crawl back and give him a demo!!

God’s like, “You’re right. All he’s got is Me. Every thread of silk you are watching come out of his little mouth is a leap of faith and trust…. in Me.”

I wonder are you up against anything like this? Anything you feel is so way beyond you that trusting Him is THE only option?! 

It can be scary right. The waves of doubt enormous. But what about the caterpillar? If he steps back instead of up, what will become of him? Seagull bait I imagine.

Now this morning our family all wakes up to a finished cocoon (because God’s always working even while we sleep (John 5:17))! God did not fail Him!

…I will not fail you or abandon you. Joshua 1:5

God’s message to me didn’t stop here. As I’m sipping my morning coffee, (coon side) I here that whisper to my heart again… “Since this little guy has never spun a cocoon before do you think now he is sitting in there wondering if he got it right?” I thought to myself if it were me and I stepped out in faith and ended up in a tight tangled restrictive tube I might be thinking that I quite possibly had failed on a colossal level!

God whispered, “It’s about abiding, waiting, again trusting in Me. The end result may not look like you expected but trust Me and take My perspective… maybe I’m just not done. Patience.”

being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus. Phil. 1:6

Now from my seat sipping on coffee, I know how this little guys story turns out. He will be one of the biggest most beautifully bright butterflies!! The kind that stops me in my tracks and steals my breath away and makes me praise God right where I am for sharing something like that with me! The kind that brings about awestruck wonder at just Who He is!! So I’m not worried about the little guy. I KNOW he’s going to be more than fine.

God said, “And that is how I see you and your story. I’m not stressing because I know the end of your story as I was the beginning of your story, and I make ALL THINGS beautiful in MY TIME.”

Do you believe this Truth over your own life, situation or circumstance? I pray you do.

He has made everything beautiful in its time. … Ecc. 3:11

Dear Jesus, Thank you for new life. Thank you for second, third and fourth more chances (lam. 3:23). Thank you that you are the vine we can cling to and abide in, trust in at all times (John 15:5). Thank you for Your creation all around us that You use to write us love notes every day to encourage us in Your mighty, matchless, victorious love (Romans 1:20). And thank you for little boys with eyes to notice the workings of Your hand in awestruck wonder. That find You so “super amazing” that sharing You just cannot be contained and thus their love for You becomes contagious. In Your name Jesus, Amen.

Independent Read: Hebrews 10:39




2 thoughts on “One Silk Thread At A Time

  1. Love this story. God used butterflies and cocoons to teach us all about the wilderness. We went in, like most people do, ignorant and immature. He then turned us to mush in the cocoon (lost our home, business, belongings etc. and became homeless and destitute for 40 months) only to come out of that process as battle hardened veterans of faith. Only God can pull that off. Your story of the cocoon is so spot on. I love when He uses this picture and nature to lead people to faith.

    I especially loved this line, “I wonder are you up against anything like this? Anything you feel is so way beyond you that trusting Him is THE only option?!” Oh yeah, can we relate or what. 🙂 When we faced a night sleeping on a snowbank (it’s cold 🙂 ) or having drug crazed people try to kill you, (they didn’t 🙂 ) all you can do is turn to God and trust Him to deliver you (He did 🙂 ). He is the ONLY answer. Sure we had tempting offers to abandon our faith but where would we turn? Who else but God can save us. Certainly not man who contributed more to our misery than anything else.

    No, when you go through the fire seven times hotter or He places you in a cocoon, you learn to trust Him, at least we did, because there is no one or nothing else to trust.

    Love this super amazing post. Thank you!

    Homer Les


    1. Thank you for such encouragement! I loved your reference to “seven times hotter”. When the enemy goes 7 times hotter I AM is stronger still! Zechariah 2:5 And I myself will be a wall of fire around it; declares the LORD, and I will be its glory within. PTL! God bless you muchly. 🙂

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