Mr. Hupo

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Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer. Romans 12:12

So the over arching theme of my life at the moment…(who am I kidding) the over arching theme of my life – period – is the failure to SLOW DOWN! Maybe you do not struggle as much as I do with running at such a high altitude that taking a deep breath is often not an option! But I have to say that is a choice we make, right! Jesus was the most inundated, sought after individual on the face of the planet! I mean, on His “to-do list” it said, “save the world… literally”! Yet I never see Him depicted in scripture anywhere just loosing it, just hyper ventilating in a heep, or in a ball of panic stricken worried fear! No, quite the opposite really… we see Him at all hours in conversation with His Heavenly Father (Mark 1:35, Luke 6:12). Jesus got His “to-do list” from the Father AND the strength AND the calm AND the complete equipping to fulfill it from the time they spent together.

I tell you what, if you read my previous blog “One Silk Thread At A Time” you will have gotten a bit of the back story to today’s, because God continues to speak to me through this same little guy!!

Almost three weeks ago my youngest caught a giant caterpillar and that very night we watched it spin it’s cocoon!! I know, AMAZING! Now it’s been about threeish weeks and since I don’t wait well I’m all over google making sure our little swallowtail butterfly is going to be okay!! Not like I can really reach in there and help him out at all, but still, if worry worked wonders I’d be wrinkle free and have the metabolism of a five year old! (But alas worry does nothing but the opposite!)

What I DID find out on google floored me! I tell you I am about to have a birthday and dive ever deeper into the —– decade of life, and as a teacher, have done the ordering of caterpillars for my classroom to watch this miracle process NUMEROUS times and still never knew what I found out last night!!!

Sometimes when a late bloomer creates his cocoon late in the season (such as now) God makes a way for that little guy to stay within the safety of his little chrysalis for the duration of the winter!!! It can actually stay in there for about a YEAR!!!


I mean are not His messages ALL OVER that one!!!!

Of all the rarities in the world God finds a way to send me a CRAZY SLOW caterpillar/butterfly to care for over the next year as a constant reminder of His love and attention over the details of His creation – you and I – and to speak through even the smallest of creatures in the BIGGEST ways!!

I tell you what, I know He didn’t just send this God sighting, this love note, just for me. Who else needs to be reminded today that YOU ARE LOVED BY HIM BEYOND YOUR WILDEST IMAGINATION!!!! He took the time to send you a CRAZY SLOW butterfly (I say you too, because it is no accident that you are reading this blog in the sea of blogs out there at such a time as this!!) to say SLOW DOWN dear child of Mine, come rest in My mighty arms and receive My love, My peace, My equipping…. I AM able…. let Me fill you and thrill you and ramp up your effectiveness for Me in ways that will blow your mind!!!! Because then it will be My Spirit blowing through you and it is Me who works in you to will and to act in order to fulfill My good purpose (phil. 2:13)! Sweet child, it’s the energy that I Myself will so powerfully work in you to accomplish that which I started in you (Col. 1:29. Phil. 1:6)!!!!

Oh my friend I pray you and I can go out today… but out SLOWLY, with eyes to see and ears to hear and lungs that take the time to breathe in all that He is, into our very souls in order to magnify the One who makes all the difference in a world so desperate for a change!

P.S. I almost forgot… since we will be taking care of our little guy for awhile we decided he needed a proper name. So that he doesn’t feel left out that warrants me whipping out my silhouette to properly design his jar like the rest of our pets habitats. His name and namesake verse have now been properly applied – Romans 12:12 : Mr. Hupo: (our fishes name is Uno, Spanish for the number one, which coincides with the story in Matt. 17:24-27. Another blog another time…) So we kept with the foreign language thing and went with the Greek word for patience, hupomone. Hupo – “under” and meno – “remain, endure” – properly, remaining under, endurance; steadfastness, especially as God enables the believer to “remain (endure) under” the challenges He allots in life. (Strong’s Concordance, HELPS Word-studies)

I know it will be hard to let this one eventually fly away but giant yellow swallowtail butterflies will forever be His reminder to me of a GREAT many things… none more loudly than, I see you precious child, I know, I understand, I AM all you need – slow down and receive My lavish love for you in this moment… cuz I made you to FLY too!

God bless you muchly as you slowly sip and savor the the beautiful gift of each purposeful breath and heartbeat His love gives you today for His glory and praise!

Independent Read: Psalm 46:10


2 thoughts on “Mr. Hupo

  1. Beautiful. I know as we have traveled with God He has used the process of the caterpillar, chrysalis and butterfly to help us understand our spiritual growth and maturity in Him. Yes it takes a very loooong time but that is good. Each day waiting exposes more of our ‘self’ nature so we can repent and yield our wills to God’s will and His timing.

    Homer Les

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