9 Questions And Moving

2019-11-07 08.46.22

But God listened to Abraham’s request and kept Lot safe… Genesis 19:29

The number 9 is used 49 times in the Bible. It conveys the meaning of finality and as I read Genesis chapters 18-19 I can see God in all His graciousness had allowed Abraham to ask Him question after question after question, but after question number 9 in chapter 18 verse 33 it states, …the LORD had finished his conversation with Abraham... it doesn’t say Abraham ran out of questions, it says the LORD had finished, it was time to move on.

I’m grateful for God’s seemingly infinite patience with me and my endless list of whys and hows, but I too think there comes a point like in the conversation between God and Ab that I just need to stop. I need to stop and just trust. Trust His character. Trust He is who He says He is. Trust that He will do what He promises… because is anything too hard for the LORD? 18:14 

No, nothing is too hard for Him! So even if I don’t have all the answers… THE answer is to keep my eyes, not on my own resources (because that will just end me up in a defeated heap of discouragement) but on the Source of all resources!

The Source knows the root of your need, want, desire even better than you do. It struck me that in Genesis 19:29 it states that God listened to Ab and kept his nephew safe but interestingly, in all the questions Ab asked God he never specified that his concern for the city was rooted in his concern for his nephews life. God already had it figured out and knew the depths of Abraham’s hearts concern, and He cared!!

When we can’t trace God’s hand we can trace His heart by looking to the cross.

Dear Jesus, thank You for Your great love, for opening a way through Your death and resurrection for us to have an intimate relationship with You both now and for eternity. Thank You for Your patience to sit with us as we ask all our questions and for loving us enough to encourage us to move on and trust who You remain to be – steadfast and true. That we might find in all our uncertainty, that You are certain. That Truth is final. Praise You! Amen.

Independent Read: Jeremiah 33:3, Psalm 27:14

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