A Loftier Purpose

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This extraordinary knowledge is beyond me. It is lofty; I am unable to reach it. Psalm 139:6 (HCSB)

This Saturday morning found all of us 8 gathered around the breakfast table enjoying donuts, sprinkles, whip cream and a whole lot of chaotic laughter… when all of a sudden our oldest exclaims, “He’s out! Hupo’s out!” to which we all jump up to gather around the kitchen island to get a close up view of our little Hupo!

**Now this happens to be the third installment of blogs on our Mr. Hupo. #1 “One Silk Thread At A Time” #2 “Mr. Hupo” and now #3 “A Loftier Purpose”. In case you missed 1 and 2 we watched Hupo spin his cocoon the very evening our youngest caught him crawling across our front porch. We soon learned that caterpillars that spin their cocoons so late in the season can hibernate inside!! Which was why ours seemed not to be emerging… ever. So we decided to name him since it seemed he would be with us awhile.

We went with the Greek word for patience, hupomone. “Hupo – “under” and meno – “remain, endure” – properly, remaining under, endurance; steadfastness, especially as God enables the believer to “remain (endure) under” the challenges He allots in life.” – So thus “Hupo” became his name short for hupomone, and Romans 12:12 became his namesake verse… Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer.

Now months and months after we first witnessed his cocoon spinning, this Saturday was the day he emerged!!! But for some reason he must have slipped off his cocoon while emerging because he was laying at the bottom of the jar rather than hanging and so only one of his wings was able to open and begin drying correctly.

We immediately abandoned all donuts and went into rescue mode. Repositioning Mr. Hupo and grabbing random resources from our garage to build a more appropriate home for him to finish drying and hopefully provide opportunity for his crumpled wing to expand!

This little one has carried so many hope filled messages to my heart that have encouraged me through timely situations along this journey. So today I sat watching and wondering in a bit of jumbled confusion at God’s timing and way as little Hupo’s wing remained… crumbled.

Why did he slip? Could I have done something differently? I thought he would have hibernated longer, it’s still cold outside God?! What do we do? How can I help him? He’s supposed to fly God, I thought it would be spring and we would all get to watch him fly together as a family with some glorious big final release to this miraculous story we got to witness first hand!?! This most certainly is not how I envisioned it God, why? How? What now?

And I think that was it… that last question “What now?” was what God grabbed on to and said, now you are asking Me the right question girl! My ways are higher and loftier than yours they are beyond tracing out, you won’t, can’t, understand everything this side of heaven. One day you will but in the mean time TRUST Me, abide in My good everlasting love. Not a sparrow… or butterfly falls without My knowing it.

Don’t ask why, how, but rather, what now… keep walking forward with Me, trust Me for the next step. I’m never lost, nothing takes Me by surprise, I’m always in control and on plan “A” for all of life of which I have already won the ultimate victory over.

Then be willing to take My perspective. You THOUGHT Hupo would fly because that’s what “all” butterflies do. But that’s just your limited perspective from your limited understanding.

Instead of being discouraged because you’re not “flying” like everyone else or like you think you should be… be willing to take My perspective because maybe I’ve called you to a loftier purpose… a purpose that I need you to carry into the world for Me and last I checked it’s pretty hard to carry something while using your wings to fly.

You can’t be about your own mission and Mine too, you can’t serve two masters… so will you be willing to take My perspective on your situation, circumstance, life and maybe instead of “flying” like you thought, be willing to carry My loftier purpose for your life into the world.

As I let His message sink in I noticed that the make shift cage we constructed for Hupo was exactly the same type of plastic shoebox that the church was using to fill numerous times and collecting this Sunday (TOMORROW) to send as gifts to a community in need!!

I thought, oh my goodness Lord, Your timing is perfection!! Tomorrow at church when so many will be bringing in their plastic shoeboxes filled with donations my kids can also CARRY in a shoebox filled with Mr. Hupo for show and tell in their Sunday school classes with the LOFTY message of courage, strength and hope found in our God when we are willing to take His perspective on our lives!!

If Hupo had two wings like all other butterflies would I have sat long enough to contemplate God’s heart as I did, would I have noticed the message He allowed our little Hupo to carry into the world because He had a lofty purpose for his life that Hupo couldn’t have done with wings like everyone else?!?!

Who wants to fly ordinary, when you can be extra-ordinary, set apart, to carry out a lofty purpose for an extraordinary King!?!!!

Embrace His loftier perspective of and for your life. If you are breathing in it’s because He first breathed out and that always and only comes with GREAT purpose dear one. Breathe deep and live for His loftier purpose.

Independent Read: Romans 15:13, Romans 8:28, Genesis 50:20, Ecc. 3:11, Psalm 77:19, Psalm 139:14, 1 Cor. 13:12, Is. 55:8-9, Jer. 29:11


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