Whose Are You?

2020-01-01 12.12.29

Reigning Rainbows Devotional  (Matt. 13:16) – 19 of 52

Song picks of the week: https://youtu.be/lALLVmpHKL4  “For the Love of My King” by Laura Story

https://youtu.be/Y1ymenyfDjs “Chosen” by Sidewalk Prophets 

https://youtu.be/GgBB863p2vw “Who You Say I Am” by Hillsong

A “rainbow” painted just for you: Whose Are You? As Saul watched David go out to fight the Philistine, he asked Abner, the commander of his army, “Abner, whose son is this young man?” 1 Samuel 17:55 (NLT)

You know you come from a big family when you continue to have to flip the circuit breaker because you have too many electric toothbrushes plugged in to one power strip! Let me take that back… you know you come from a big family when you need a power strip for your toothbrushes!! What is it that reminds you of where you come from, where do you get your definition?

Sometimes certain things make us wonder about where they came from, such it was for Saul when he watched the small young boy, David, march fearlessly out to fight the giant no grown man was willing to face! Notice in 1 Sam. 17:55 Saul’s question isn’t, “Who are you?” but, “Whose son is this young man?” 

Do I live in such a manner that people see a strength of character, a kind of integrity that goes beyond human ability that leaves them asking, “Whose daughter are you?!” 

  1 Sam. 17:57 states that as soon as David returned from killing Goliath he was brought to Saul. Saul in verse 58 states, “Tell me about your father young man” and David’s response is right to the point, “His name is Jesse, and we live in Bethlehem.” 

If someone said to me, “Tell me about your Father young lady.” How boldly would I answer, “His name is Jesus, and He lives within me. I’m a daughter of The King”

Psalm 107:2 (NLT) states, Has the LORD redeemed you? Then speak out! Tell others he has redeemed you from your enemies. – Might we pray for one another in Christ, to truly know in the depths of all our parts Whose child we are, Whose family we belong to. Then when others notice a different glow about us that we would be able to speak out with boldness and declare His praises for the love of our King! 


Build A Rainbow Bridge: (Deut. 6:6-9)

MEMORIZE: 1 Samuel 17:55 with someone

PRAY/READ: Psalm 107 with someone this week

DISCUSS: How do you KNOW you are a child of The King? How have you seen Him show His love for you? How have you been a vessel bringing His love to another? How have you made your Father known?

ACT: Challenge: Ask God to show you someone this week that needs to be reminded they are a child of The King and then take the means He provides to carry out such encouragement in the way He shows you.


“Rainbows” Remembered Never Fade: (Deut. 4:9) How you’ve observed God’s faithfulness this week. 

*Read 1 John 4:16 & record MONDAY’s “rainbow”:_______________________________________________________________________________

*Read 1 John 4:18 & record TUESDAY’s “rainbow”:_______________________________________________________________________________

*Read Jeremiah 31:3 & record WEDNESDAY’S “rainbow”:_______________________________________________________________________________

*Read John 3:16 & record THURSDAY’S “rainbow”:_______________________________________________________________________________

*Read 1 John 3:1 & record FRIDAY’s “rainbow”:______________________________________________________________________________

*Read 1 John 3:16 & record SATURDAY’S “rainbow”: __________________________________________________________________________________________

*SUNDAY… what “rainbow” have you painted for God this week? How have you lived Lk. 10:27?


Record a prayer. Date: ___/___/___ 

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