Resolutely Different

As the time approached for him to be taken up to heaven, Jesus resolutely set out for Jerusalem. Luke 9:51 (NIV) 

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At the time of year when most are contemplating New Year’s resolutions might we contemplate the meaning of that word’s root; resolute. It means purposeful, steadfast, determined, firm, steady. It’s a bit hard (who am I kidding?! It’s A LOT hard) to be those things in a world that is ever changing and fluctuating with near every blink of an eye! 

Jesus set an example for us of a resolute attitude in the midst of great turmoil in His own life here on earth. Luke 9:51 tells us that as the time of His death (by crucifixion) approached, He remained steadfast and resolutely fixed on the end goal the Father had set before Him and continued forward, approaching it, rather than running from it! WOW! Faith moves one direction and that is forward. 

Jesus, before the world began, had counted the cost, evaluated the end goal, and at that time resolutely made up His mind, it was worth it. You and I were worth the cost to Him, a cost so high we cannot comprehend it. Resolutions to be different in this world, to be purposeful instead of wayward, to be steadfast instead of shaken, to be firm instead of weak and steady rather than tossed to and fro by the waves of doubt, will fail every time the cost has not resolutely been evaluated ahead of time and determined worth the end goal. 

Life does not detail out the future before it happens so we cannot truly know all that the “cost” our resolution will require however God has detailed out two things for us that if we resolutely set ourselves on, we will make it! 

One, He promises us Himself as He is in His Word. He is the great I AM, all we will ever need in this life. Two, He promises us our end goal if we will choose to accept it. We have the gift of eternal life, a paradise waiting with no tears, disease or heartache if we will choose to believe in the One who resolutely found the cost to pay our way worth the end goal of your heart entwined with His for eternity!!! 

This year consider Who your strength is to make it to the end goal He afforded for you. Then set yourself resolutely on route forward with Him, approaching it in faith, one step at a time. You are His bright idea, your purpose is grand, you can bring “different” into this world. Just lift Jesus high, He is sure, steadfast, firm and secure. Resolve to shine your God given light on contrast this year! Be resolutely different!!

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