Because… I know Him.

The LORD will fight for you; you need only to be still.” Exodus 14:14 (NIV) 

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Exodus 14:14 became one of my “flotation devices” near a decade ago. I like to refer to passages or verses from God’s Word that I find particularly powerful, as flotation devices. Sometimes the Truth from just one verse like Exodus 14:14 can sustain the abundant life Jesus died to give us through unthinkable hardships and tragedies the enemy thought were sure to have had us bobbing belly up! 

The flotation device, or Exodus 14:14, was tossed out to me by a mom who happened to be fighting along her son’s side to kick cancer. Her son was battling cancer and yet SHE had a flotation device to toss ME?!?! When you have allowed the LIVING WATER of His Word to completely fill you, you’re unsinkable! His Word declares it wells up within you to eternal life!

Moses who speaks Exodus 14:14 grew up in times of turmoil. Honestly if we look at all of history who hasn’t grown up in times of turmoil?! And that my friends is why His Word tells us He is the sure foundation for our times! OUR TIMES! Our God is timelessly trustworthy and He has proven it time and time again! 

Moses as a baby was delivered from death by literally riding a floatation device, a basket coated with tar and pitch (Ex. 2:3). He grows up and is commissioned by God to deliver His people out of slavery (more times of turmoil – can anyone begin to relate?). Exodus 4:10 finds Moses debating with God Almighty, complete with supporting evidence as to why God has chosen the wrong guy for the job. None the less God wins the argument and Moses goes with God.

Now 10 chapters later in Exodus 14 Moses is still quite aware of his shortcomings and his times are still quite filled with turmoil to say the least however something has changed. Moses has walked with God chapter by chapter and now speaks from the side of having experienced the use of his own great weaknesses infused with God’s overcoming strength and can thus declare in great God-confidence to all the people as they face their Red Sea, their seemingly impossibility; “The God I know, will fight for you, you need only to be still!” 

Where did this knowledge come from? From choosing to trust God in the turmoil, in the trial and finding God faithful. He never asked you to float without Him but always IN Him, in His Word, in His promises! Like Moses, that mom had discovered this Truth and so in her storm she was a lighthouse on a hill passing every “floating device” God handed to her heart on to others on the stormy seas of life… why? Well, walking with Him leads to ever increasing trust in Him because you begin to know Him. Like Moses was able to stand unshaken on the brink of the Red Sea, turmoil swirling at deafening levels, that mom extended me a “flotation device” from a steady heart and a confident gaze that said, “…because He’s faithful, He’s unsinkable… I know Him.”

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