The Wild Win

During the last watch of the night the LORD looked down from the pillar of fire and cloud at the Egyptian army and threw it into confusion. Exodus 14:24 (NIV)

During which watch of the night did the Lord throw the enemy into confusion according to the verse above? THE LAST! It’s like God is a professional at pulling out the game point win with only a .1 millisecond left on the clock!! Games like that are super intense and rare but it seems our God can pull out a wild win like that anytime He wants! 

Jacob wrestled with God all through the night (Gen. 32:22-32) and it wasn’t until just before daybreak that Jacob got the blessing. He was called an overcomer by God. I bet Jacob was wondering what God was talking about?! Jacob probably didn’t feel like much of an overcomer having to wrestle ALL night long!! But I believe it was at the moment that Jacob recognized that he couldn’t bless himself… that any blessing he received would have to come from Sovereign God Almighty. It’s in obedience and submission to God that we become overcomers. 

Jacob walked away from that match with a limp but a limp that made sure he never forgot just Who was Sovereign and Almighty over the very gift of breath he had. Every ache of his hip (that may have acted up especially in the rainy seasons of his life) reminded Jacob he was blessed and not alone – an overcomer. The ache gave him reason to praise God even in the rainy seasons! 

God sits enthroned upon our praises which shames the enemy with defeat. Jacob had wrestled with God and hung on, recognizing his life Source. When we reverence our life source as Jesus, Sovereign God Almighty, we too become overcomers. May any “limp” we acquire not keep us in the shadow of shame or under the rock of regret but rather in the enemy defeating praise performance of a lifetime, to our Savior’s glory!

In the dark of night don’t let the enemy have the upper hand in his finest hour! Wrestle through! Walk through that last watch, for it is at the break of day that God’s mercies flow fresh and new!! Jesus holds the ultimate victory so He can bring a wild win through your current “game” no matter what the score board reads or how much time is left on the clock! Just wait for it… God loves a wild win!

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