The “New Moon” Phase

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Recently I visited the dentist. To my shame, I was found with cavity. To my credit, I somehow made it through 3 decades of life cavity free AND the dentist did say I’m an excellent brusher. However, the dentist also said, I have really great grooves in my back molars to which the “sugar bugs” find exceptional places to hide! I must say, all was lost on me after the dentist said I had great grooves! All I could think was, “Hallelujah! This mom of six has good curves SOMEWHERE!!” You may not be able to actually SEE them since those curves reside in my back molars, but hey, we are all called to walk by faith and not sight anyway right?!! Of course this got me thinking on Scripture…

In Ezra 3:3-6 God’s people have just returned to their homeland from the cavity of captivity after 70 years! Despite their fear of the foreign people around them, they begin to build again to honor God. Every morning and every evening they faithfully brought the required sacrifices. It seems they began in wholehearted devotion to prioritize their God above all. Above all fear, and uncertainty and self doubt and their questions… 

What are you building, or allowing God to build through you, despite your fear of what people will think, or in spite of your fear of all you lack in your own abilities? What if, in wholehearted devotion to God you committed to step forward in faith rather than go in reverse toward regret of never having tried at all? What if you trusted God to be your Ability in your offer of availAbility to Him for such a time as this?

Reading again from Ezra 3:3-6 we can gather God’s people celebrated!! Yes, in their fear and uncertainty they celebrated! Our God is our warrior through worship and they celebrated His faithfulness to provide in their wilderness seasons of the past (also known as the Feast of Tabernacles) which emboldened their faith to trust Him in their present! 

How are you offering a sacrifice of praise in your current season of life? What can you recall of His faithfulness to you in your past that will help you find your faith in your present?

This Ezra passage also mentions the new moon celebrations. This was a time that God’s people dedicated the new month to their God! The thing is that other pagan nations worshiped the moon. God’s people held their celebrations during what is called the “New Moon” phase. Did you know that at the “New Moon” phase of the lunar cycle the moon can not be seen at all?!! God’s people can worship the Creator even when the creatED cannot be seen. 

Dear one our faithful God is moving for our good and His glory even when the numbers don’t add up, even if the results are negative, even though things seem to have gone left rather than right – our God is still on a right for you! If you feel you are in a “New Moon” phase and having to trust beyond what your finite senses can make sense of. So were the people in Ezra 3 and yet in faith they moved forward though the foundations of the LORD’s temple had NOT YET been laid. There is living hope in “not YET”. … “What no eye has seen, what no ear has heard, and what no human mind has conceived” – the things God has prepared for those who love him- 1 Cor. 2:9 (NIV) 

Don’t give up because you can’t see the “moon”, lift your eyes, for the SON is always there.

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