“To infinity and beyond!!”

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Reigning Rainbows Devotional  (Matt. 13:16) – 14 of 52

Song pick of the week: https://youtu.be/C0b2GFdxuVk “God My Rock” By Brenton Brown

A “rainbow” painted just for you: “To Infinity and Beyond!” – After his suffering, he presented himself to them and gave many convincing proofs that he was alive. He appeared to them over a period of forty days and spoke about the kingdom of God. Acts 1:3 (NIV)

Oh my dear friend did those first three words fill your heart with as much hope as it did mine?!! “After his suffering…” In Jesus we all have an AFTER SUFFERING because He conquered death and the grave once and for all (1 Cor. 15:55-57)!! What was it Jesus spoke about after His suffering in the above verse? THE KINGDOM!!! This place is described in Rev. 21:1-7 as a new place, without death or sorrow or crying or pain! Oh dear one this is trustworthy and true!! All who are victorious will inherit all those blessings! So what does it take to be victorious you ask?

Well… Paul in Acts 27 was stuck in a ship for 14 days… anyone else been stuck somewhere for 14 days? They were in a terrible storm and God said, don’t worry you will all arrive safely to shore BUT you will be shipwrecked in the process. John 16:33 promises in this world we will have “shipwrecks” this side of heaven but for those that do not give up faith in the One who’s grip on their life will not ever, ever, EVER be shaken (John 10:28), WILL arrive safely in His Kingdom (2 Tim. 4:18). When you hit rock bottom that is a rock solid promise you can plant your feet on to stand up again. 

John 11:7-8 depicts a time Jesus tells His disciples He’s headed back to Judea (where people had just recently tried to stone Him?!?!) WHAT?! I don’t know about you but it seems to me faith doesn’t often grow in what we know, but in situations that we don’t. Might we start seeing fear like weights… just an opportunity to exercise and strengthen faith like a muscle?! Working out is not always fun but to bring about something new often requires the uncomfortable disrupt of something normal, does it not? He gives His Spirit without limit and thus we have all we need to be victorious in Jesus. We will have just enough energy and strength to look outstanding and absolutely amazing… maybe, but that’s not the goal and more often my experience would be that I’m given just enough energy and strength to continue to rely on Him and let the “outstanding and amazing” be defined by Him alone. He knows the plans He has for you (Jer. 29:11) and those dear one can not be canceled. So keep the faith! We got “to infinity and beyond” as our destination! 

This week spend a moment in Joshua 3. It seems God knows when we have “not been this way before” (vs. 4) but not to worry He always has (Heb. 13:8). Seems according to verse 4 He knows a bit about “distancing” too! Notice what verse 5 states. How are we using times of “distance” to consecrate ourselves for even greater things? We will come through our “shipwrecks”… let’s arrive better on the other side. 

Build A Rainbow Bridge: (Deut. 6:6-9)

MEMORIZE: Acts 1:3 with someone

PRAY/READ: Joshua 3 – Pray for God to guide you into ways that would make you ever ready for His return.

DISCUSS: How have you experienced God’s faithful presence in your “shipwrecks”? 

ACT: Set your mind on Kingdom things and all the blessings stored for you at your true Home in Jesus.

“Rainbows” Remembered Never Fade: (Deut. 4:9) How you’ve observed God’s faithfulness this week. 

*Read Romans 15:13 & record MONDAY’s “rainbow”:________________________________________________________________________________

*Read 2 Tim. 4:17 & record TUESDAY’s “rainbow”:________________________________________________________________________________

*Read Col. 3:1-2 & record WEDNESDAY’S “rainbow”:________________________________________________________________________________

*Read Malachi 3:2-3 & record THURSDAY’S “rainbow”:________________________________________________________________________________

*Read Job 23:10-12 & record FRIDAY’s “rainbow”:__________________________________________________________________________________

*Read Malachi 4:2 & record SATURDAY’S “rainbow”: ____________________________________________________________________________________________

*SUNDAY… what “rainbow” have you painted for God this week? How have you lived Lk. 10:27?

Record a prayer. Date: ___/___/___ 

His Good Hand

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Reigning Rainbows Devotional  (Matt. 13:16) – 13 of 52

Song pick of the week: https://youtu.be/tikTlQSPjHs “Provider” by Cade Thompson

Bonus * https://youtu.be/5JkoPtYubgQ “My Life Is In You” by Kieth Lancaster & The Acappella Company

 A “rainbow” painted just for you: His Good Hand – …I took courage, for the hand of the LORD my God was on me… Ezra 7:28 (ESV) 

I wish I could tell you that if you see me talking to myself, that I am just getting expert advice. However I’ve lived long enough with myself to know better. So why do I catch myself reverting to thinking/acting like I know best?! 1 Peter 2:23 (NASB) states, and while being reviled, He did not revile in return; while suffering, He uttered no threats, but kept entrusting Himself to Him who judges righteously; Now if Jesus had to KEEP entrusting Himself to the Father how much more will I have to KEEP entrusting, keep casting my cares, keep re-fixing my eyes on Him and aligning my thoughts to His Truths?!! God wants us to be obedient to His will so therefore He will not hide His will from us. However I believe He wants us to seek it out earnestly in prayer and in His Word because this will develop more than just head knowledge but rather a love relationship in which obedience to His will flows from a heart that worships in sincerity and truth. A surrendered will to the Father is the only kind of will that can become the conformed will. 

Ezra was given a task well beyond himself however God’s good hand was on him every step of the way and Ezra chose to take courage in Him who was far greater than himself. In Ezra 8:21-23 Ezra makes spiritual preparations for a journey before he makes the physical preparations. This shows his acknowledgement that God is the One in control, that he is dependent on God Almighty for protection and that he himself is not strong enough to make this trip without God going first. Ezra knew God’s good promises but he did not take them for granted, knowing that often God’s blessings are opened up via prayer so he humbled himself and prayed. By verse 31-32 we see that God in His goodness, grace and mercy answered their prayers favorably. 

This week how might His people who are called by His name humble themselves and pray more diligently in all things just to know and love Him more dearly. This can only lead to a people that convey His heart more clearly to a world so desperately seeking the good hand of The great I Am, your Provider. 

Build A Rainbow Bridge: (Deut. 6:6-9)

MEMORIZE: Ezra 7:28 with someone

PRAY/READ: Psalm 136 and Ezra 7-8. Count how often it is stated that God’s good hand was present. Take note of 7:10 that states Ezra’s heart was set on studying and DOING the word! We can pray for that same heart.

DISCUSS: Ezra 8:28 reminds me that in Christ you are set apart as holy for His service. What and how are you stewarting that which He has placed in your care?

ACT: Like Ezra in 7:28, “take courage” knowing God is with you and is your Provider. Make known your Provider to someone in your circle of influence this week.

“Rainbows” Remembered Never Fade: (Deut. 4:9) How you’ve observed God’s faithfulness this week. 

*Read 2 Chron. 7:14, 1 Peter 2:9 & record MONDAY’s “rainbow”:__________________________________________________________

*Read Heb. 12:1-2 & record TUESDAY’s “rainbow”:___________________________________________________________________________

*Read Rom. 12:2 & record WEDNESDAY’S “rainbow”:________________________________________________________________________

*Read Gen. 22:14 & record THURSDAY’S “rainbow”:__________________________________________________________________________

*Read Phil. 4:19 & record FRIDAY’s “rainbow”:______________________________________________________________________________

*Read Hosea 11:4 & record SATURDAY’S “rainbow”: __________________________________________________________________________

*SUNDAY… what “rainbow” have you painted for God this week? How have you lived Lk. 10:27?

Record a prayer. Date: ___/___/___

THE News

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Reigning Rainbows Devotional  (Matt. 13:16) – 12 of 52

Song pick of the week: https://youtu.be/yPB9ENSd1Xc “God Is On The Move” by Seventh Time Down 

https://youtu.be/5cTb4mJu2HI “Be Still” by Citizen Way (This week was just seemed like a two song kinda week.) 

A “rainbow” painted just for you: THE News – But Peter said, “I do not possess silver and gold, but what I do have I give to you: In the name of Jesus Christ the Nazarene- walk!” Acts 3:6 (NASB)

The world is watching the news quite closely lately which is delivered by whom we call an anchor. Mark 1:14-15 records Jesus proclaiming the GOOD NEWS of the Gospel! Hebrews 6:19 tells us we have a hope as an anchor for our soul that is firm and secure! The enemy is proficient in reminding us (like the news on T.V. these days) all that we lack. We lack a cure, control, the ability to gather in public and even TP for cryin’ out loud!! In these current times when we have been asked to quarantine wisely for health reasons (Prov. 22:3) do not lose heart (Matt. 10:26-31)! 

Though physically we are somewhat quarantined, spiritually we can still rock this world! Nothing can contain or quarantine our prayers, praises or our mighty Sovereign God who is ALWAYS on the move! I mean even two thirds of His name is movement right! (GO!-d) He has not stopped spinning the earth on its axis since He first set it in motion, He’s still pumping your heart since in utero, still breathing life into your lungs so they rise and fall even as you read this! Look at the changing seasons! He is an ever moving God! Amen!

In Luke 1:39-45 we see the baby inside Elizabeth MOVE when Mary brings Jesus within her, to her situation. Are we looking at new opportunities to bring Jesus to our on-line communities, for Him to MOVE and infiltrate them in ways we never could have imagined? In Luke 24:49 we see the disciples asked to stay within the city until they received the Holy Spirit. So in Acts 2:1-4 they are all found not leaving but rather just waiting together in one room when the Holy Spirit MOVES in like the roaring of a mighty windstorm!! Jesus is able to MOVE in, even without them coming out!! 

In Acts 3:6 we find Peter telling the lame man he does not have what he’s looking for but I tell you what… that man received his biggest blessing on the flip side of his biggest disappointment! Why?! Because someone brought the name of Jesus! The Name above all names! The Name above all disease, and that has conquered sin, death and the grave!! Don’t let the enemy discourage you with what you lack when what you have in Jesus is exceedingly and abundantly more than you could ever ask or imagine (Eph 3:20-21)! Read Isaiah 65:17-25 with special attention to verse 24 and cling to the Anchor of your soul in a Hope that will not disappoint (Rom. 5:5)! Psalm 46:10 He says, “Be still, and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth.”  Our Sovereign God is in control, on His throne and always moving! We can be still physically yet still rock this world spiritually with our prayers, praises and bringing Jesus within us to situations and in ways we may never have had an opportunity to think of before! Receive The Good News of Jesus and live (John 10:10)! 

Build A Rainbow Bridge: (Deut. 6:6-9)

MEMORIZE: Acts 3:6 with someone

PRAY/READ: Isaiah 65:17-25 and take heart that Jesus has overcome with victory!

DISCUSS: Ways to pray for our leaders/world/friends/family/and how “Go” for Him in new ways we may never have thought of before and praise Him for who He is (2 Sam. 24:14, 2 Chron. 7:14).

ACT: Commit to stay connected spiritually with someone via today’s technology (Hebrews 10:25).

“Rainbows” Remembered Never Fade: (Deut. 4:9) How you’ve observed God’s faithfulness this week. 

*Read John 5:17 & record MONDAY’s “rainbow”:__________________________________________________________________________

*Read Rev. 5:5 & record TUESDAY’s “rainbow”:___________________________________________________________________________

*Read John 16:33 & record WEDNESDAY’S “rainbow”:___________________________________________________________________________

*Read John 14:1-4 & record THURSDAY’S “rainbow”:__________________________________________________________________________

*Read Col. 3:1-3 & record FRIDAY’s “rainbow”:__________________________________________________________________________

*Read Is. 65:24 & record SATURDAY’S “rainbow”: _____________________________________________________________________________________

*SUNDAY…what “rainbow” have you painted for God this week? How have you lived Lk. 10:27? 

Record a prayer. Date: ___/___/___

Take The Mountain!

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Reigning Rainbows Devotional  (Matt. 13:16) – 11 of 52

Song pick of the week: https://youtu.be/8Y_epd29OW4 “Save Your Life” by Newsboys

A “rainbow” painted just for you: Take The Mountain! – You were running a good race. Who cut in on you to keep you from obeying the truth? Galatians 5:7 (NIV)

As a little girl my neighborhood had hills that afforded us good biking in the summertime. There was one hill in particular in which you literally could not pedal down; you had to just hold on tight, stretch your feet out straight and FLY!!! With the wind in your mouth you didn’t breath till the bottom!! But when we reached the end we all yelled, “PEDAL, PEDAL, PEDAL, PEDAL!!!!” repeatedly in an effort to keep up the same speed we had gained on the hill for as long as possible. 

How many of us in our Christian race to the Kingdom finish line (if we are honest) are coasting… The everyday valley requires some earnest pedaling… “pedaling” to keep trying new things, keep learning, keep inventing, keep discovering, getting up after failure, memorizing, reading, DOING the Word. We all work for God Almighty ultimately. So no matter who does or doesn’t show up or see or care – HE ALWAYS DOES. 

You’re exchanging a day of your life for what you do today. Don’t coast, PEDAL!  But let’s not assume we can work up that strength and energy on our own. There was another hill (of mountain size proportion) in my neighborhood that I had to pedal up to get home. At just the moment I would think I couldn’t make it, (sweat beading, legs burning, lungs heaving) a large strong hand would drop down on my handlebars and I’d hear, “I got you, keep going!” To my amazement somehow my dad (while still pedaling uphill himself) was able to pull and propel me up the hill too! Pedaling in sync with my dad, receiving his strength through his mighty hand on me, never once did I not make it to the top of that “mountain”!! (Col. 1:29, Phil. 2:13, 2 Tim. 4:17)

Strength to pedal well comes from pedaling in sync, alongside God in close relationship. As a young girl I waited for my dad to yell “PEDAL…!” first, I followed his lead and I used his strength. Sometimes in our race our muscles will burn and our lungs will sear but our souls will FLY with life because pedaling like the wind next to your Dad goes unmatched! 

We are called to be faithful not successful by our standards. Demolish the comfort zone. What assignment big or small do you have in front of you today? You can take the easy way OR maybe since you KNOW God Almighty is watching… you could try… PEDAL, PEDAL, PEDAL, PEDALING for all you’re worth! Who knows that you have not come to this assignment, this class, this diaper, this meal, this job for such a time as this!?!? Do it with a flare! With every creative atom in your body so that you can cast the best of your best at His feet and hear, “well done good and faithful servant – well done!” 

**Independent Read: 2 Kings 19. In verses 10-13 Hezekiah experiences someone “cutting in” on his race but what does Hezekiah do in verses 14-19? He takes it all before the LORD! Dear one, receive His sufficient grace to keep pedal, pedal, PEDALING! In His strength you WILL make it! Take the mountain!

Build A Rainbow Bridge: (Deut. 6:6-9)

MEMORIZE: Gal. 5:7 with someone

PRAY/READ: 2 Kings 19 with someone this and praise Him that His courage and strength is always available.

DISCUSS: In all honesty is there an area you are coasting missing the adventure of PEDAL, PEDAL, PEDALING?!

ACT: Challenge: Notice someone else’s “pedaling” and encourage that. Ask God to reveal where you could “pedal” harder.

“Rainbows” Remembered Never Fade: (Deut. 4:9) How you’ve observed God’s faithfulness this week. 

*Read Psalm 118:24 & record MONDAY’s “rainbow”:__________________________________________________________________________

*Read 2 Tim. 4:18 & record TUESDAY’s “rainbow”:___________________________________________________________________________

*Read Col. 3:23 & record WEDNESDAY’S “rainbow”:___________________________________________________________________________

*Read Eph. 2:10 & record THURSDAY’S “rainbow”:___________________________________________________________________________

*Read Jer. 1:8 & record FRIDAY’s “rainbow”:____________________________________________________________________________

*Read Isaiah 6:8 & record SATURDAY’S “rainbow”: ________________________________________________________________________________________

*SUNDAY… what “rainbow” have you painted for God this week? How have you lived Lk. 10:27?

Record a prayer. Date: ___/___/___

Surrendered Expectations


Reigning Rainbows Devotional  (Matt. 13:16) – 10 of 52

Song pick of the week: https://youtu.be/UqFcetG7wGQ “You Got This” by Love & The Outcome

A “rainbow” painted just for you: Surrendered Expectations I will return her vineyards to her and transform the Valley of Trouble into a gateway of hope. Hosea 2:15 (NLT) 

Jesus completely surrendered His will to fulfill the Father’s expectations for His life on earth. Jesus was to bring glory to the Father and make known the good news of The eternal Kingdom. Jesus’ journey on this earth was anything but easy. Matthew 26:39 records Jesus, Going a little farther, he fell with his face to the ground and prayed, “My Father, if it is possible, may this cup be taken from me. Yet not as I will but as you will.” We too are called to bring glory to God and spread the Good News of His Heavenly Kingdom and how He became The Way in which we enter! He never promised our journey would be easy, on the contrary He warns us of the difficulties (John 16:33) but yet to rejoice with in those difficulties (James 1:2-4) because what is to come will far outweigh our earthly troubles (2 Cor. 4:17)! 

If we are honest our expectations stem from entitlement. Jesus sacrificed Himself for our sins so that we could live eternally without any trials EVER! What more do we think we deserve? How can we live submitted to God’s expectation for our lives this week and aim to just be a magnification of His character knowing He never leaves us on our own to do this but has sent His Holy Spirit to help us and strengthen us (John 3:34). How much of Him will we choose to access (1 Thess. 5:19)? We can’t hold to our flesh and fully embrace the Spirit.

Take time this week to read 2 Kings 5:1-19. In verse 1 we see Naaman whom God brought about great victories through yet he suffered from leprosy. Think he ever wondered why his personal battle wasn’t being won?! We see in verse 2 a young girl taken captive to be a slave. You would think she would have every reason to wallow over dashed dreams yet we see her looking to the needs of others!! By verse 11 we see a perfect example of how we can get tripped up, offended, bitter, frustrated because our expectations were not met! However we see once submission to God’s way takes place verse 15 depicts a revelation! “Now I know there is no God in all the world except in Israel…” Might we persevere in our trials with joy (His joy) following the example He set for us on earth so that others might know and believe too that there is no God but our God, Jesus Christ Who loves them and is the Savior of the world!

Build A Rainbow Bridge: (Deut. 6:6-9)

MEMORIZE: Hosea 2:15 with someone

PRAY/READ: 2 Kings 5:1-19 with someone this week and pray for surrendered expectations.

DISCUSS: How do you find His joy, His hope in your trials? 

ACT: Challenge: In a moment when you normally would become frustrated by unmet expectations turn your heart to God and ask that He help you receive His perspective and help you handle this in a way that would bring HIM (Who won you an eternal Kingdom by His blood) the most glory.

“Rainbows” Remembered Never Fade: (Deut. 4:9) How you’ve observed God’s faithfulness this week. 

*Read Revelation 21:1-4 & record MONDAY’s “rainbow”:___________________________________________________________________________

*Read Isaiah 65:17-25 & record TUESDAY’s “rainbow”:___________________________________________________________________________

*Read Psalm 16:11 & record WEDNESDAY’S “rainbow”:____________________________________________________________________________

*Read 1 Cor. 2:9 & record THURSDAY’S “rainbow”:____________________________________________________________________________

*Read 2 Tim. 4:17 & record FRIDAY’s “rainbow”:______________________________________________________________________________

*Read 2 Cor. 4:6-10 & record SATURDAY’S “rainbow”: _________________________________________________________________________________________

*SUNDAY… what “rainbow” have you painted for God this week? How have you lived Lk. 10:27?

Record a prayer. Date: ___/___/___

Bare Forth A Bridge

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Reigning Rainbows Devotional  (Matt. 13:16) – 9 of 52

 Song pick of the week: https://youtu.be/CECO43p9mQ4 “The Bridge” by Casting Crowns

A “rainbow” painted just for you: Bare Forth A Bridge Romans 12:2 Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is–his good, pleasing and perfect will.

I recently planted a handful of sunflower seeds and before you politely remind me that it’s winter and ask what I was thinking, let me say I planted them INDOORS because sometimes winter needs a spring of hope infused wouldn’t you agree?! However as I eagerly awaited my indoor sunflower field I began to wonder why only four little sprouts were happening?! I had clearly tossed a HANDFUL of seeds in the pot?! But then I realized the number of letters in the word H-O-P-E is exactly four!! Again our God goes above and beyond my expectations (Eph. 3:20)! I planned a sunny field and He whispered all you need is HOPE and My hope never disappoints (Rom. 5:5)! Praise Him!

Psalm 1 states, blessed is the man who delights in God’s Word. Blessed can be translated in the Hebrew as happy. Sometimes we get caught up in thinking blessings contain material things however it can be a countenance of the soul. Money can’t buy happiness which means you are truly rich if you have it. In Him we can be happy. Psalm 1 goes on to tell us we can be like a tree planted by streams of water. What are you “streaming” lately via, TV, social media… is it life giving?! His Word is the True living water which can revive us and stream from within us (John 7:38)! Psalm 1 also states that this healthy tree actually yields its fruit in season. Read that again. Oh, yields IT’S fruit… I guess an orange tree would look pretty ridiculous trying to bare pares right?! 

Luke 17:21 tells us the Kingdom of God is within us! We each have something He wants to bear forth out of us for His glory. Your unique fruit allows you to build a bridge to Jesus built in love and Truth for someone else! Follow the example Jesus set and root yourself in what the Father thinks of you (Matt. 3:17) so that what the world thinks can’t uproot the good work He is producing (Eph. 2:10, Phil 1:6). 

A seed just stays a seed unless it is willing to be hidden in the earth. Are you willing to do your work well even if it seems no one else ever sees it but God Almighty (Col. 3:23-24)? While hidden that seed needs to be transformed in order for it to bear forth what God has placed in it. How willing are we to allow God to change/grow our perspective on the handful of seeds we threw out when only four sprout up? Happy is the one who is willing to trust, obey, be hidden, transformed… remaining rooted in His Word, growing all the while, into the YOU He planned and planted for HIS glory from the start….now go bare forth a bridge!

Build A Rainbow Bridge: (Deut. 6:6-9)

MEMORIZE: Romans 12:2 with someone

PRAY/READ: Psalm 1 and pray to root down in the Truth of His streams so hope might flourish!

DISCUSS: Consider the life cycle of a seed and the stages it goes through…it’s hidden, transformed…what might God be working out in you to bear forth His fruit? 

ACT: Challenge: Plant seeds of hope in someone’s heart this week (be a bridge to Jesus): bring cookies to a neighbor, help carry someone’s groceries or return their cart for them, give a card, share a smile..

“Rainbows” Remembered Never Fade: (Deut. 4:9) How you’ve observed God’s faithfulness this week. 

*Read Isaiah 44:1-6 (insert your name in verses 1 and 2) & record MONDAY’s “rainbow”:________________________________________________________________________

*Read Isaiah 44:21-24 (insert your name in verse 21) & record TUESDAY’s “rainbow”:________________________________________________________________________

*Read Isaiah 45:2-3 & record WEDNESDAY’S “rainbow”:________________________________________________________________________

*Read Isaiah 45:9-12 & record THURSDAY’S “rainbow”:_______________________________________________________________________

*Read Isaiah 45:18-25 & record FRIDAY’s “rainbow”:_______________________________________________________________________

*Read Psalm 19:7 & record SATURDAY’S “rainbow”: ____________________________________________________________________________________

*SUNDAY… what “rainbow” have you painted for God this week? How have you lived Lk. 10:27?

Record a prayer. Date: ___/___/___

Weight Lifting

2020-02-02 21.29.05

Reigning Rainbows Devotional  (Matt. 13:16) – 8 of 52

Song of the week: “The Me You Made” by Matthew West https://youtu.be/V1sI6MU1Cng 

A “rainbow” painted just for you: Weight Lifting But God’s truth stands firm like a foundation stone with  this inscription:”The LORD knows those who are his,” and “All who belong to the LORD must turn away from evil.” 2 Timothy 2:19

I had the privilege to substitute teach in a preschool classroom. During free play we began playing make-believe with some toys we imagined into dumbbells. (This truly was make-believe for me as I can’t remember the last time I lifted a weight just for the “fun” of lifting a weight… hmmm, maybe I should start.) My over dramatic skills came in handy that day as I pretended that the weights we created were just WAAAAY too heavy, and you know what one of the little boys said to me?! (Bless his precious heart) in the most encouraging voice a preschooler can have, he exclaims, “Ooooh I KNOW you can do this! You are strong enough!!!!!” 

Praise the Lord with me, YOU are strong enough too IN JESUS! 1 John 4:4 “You dear children, are from God and have overcome them, because the one who is in you is greater than the one who is in the world.” This Truth is ALL over Scripture! Believing it is truly weight-LIFTING! 

So what are you up against that seems like it’s just too much? Just too hard? Too overwhelming? Maybe this just isn’t your day, but you know what? If you are alive and reading this then your track record for making it through all the past “bad, overwhelming, too hard days” is trending a 100% success rate! Amen! I’d say that is a pretty good track record wouldn’t you?!! So don’t give up now, God is faithful and has gotten you this far and He won’t stop till His GREAT purpose in you and for you is complete (Phil. 1:6). Maybe it will just take some time… 2 Sam.3:1 states, …As time passed David became stronger and stronger…

Take hold of His Truth like the foundation stone it is. I can promise you those foundation stones are HEAVY! They are not going anywhere! His Truth says, He knows you (2 Tim.2:19), sees you (Gen. 16:13), loves you (Is. 43:4, Jn. 3:16) and is working out all things for your good and His glory (Rom. 8:28). Don’t succumb to evil, and the enemies lies just because you don’t understand it all right now, but rather overcome evil with good (Rom. 12:21)! I hope you hear me today like I heard that little boy… Ooooh I KNOW you can do this! HE makes you strong enough!!!

*Read Job 38. Now together let’s sit in awe and wonder that, THAT same God offers us His strength AND we don’t even have to understand it to receive it! Praise the victorious name of Jesus the One who -sees not as man sees… for He looks at the heart. (1 Sam. 16:7) He loves the you He made. 

Build A Rainbow Bridge: (Deut. 6:6-9)

MEMORIZE: 2 Timothy 2:19 with someone

PRAY/READ: Psalm 18 with someone

DISCUSS: How has God displayed His strength to you in His creation? (ex. Ocean waves) How does this encourage you to remember that same God, with that same strength is in you?

ACT: Invite someone on a walk with you or to join you in your daily work-out routine whatever that looks like for you. (Sometimes just knowing you are included, wanted, invited, is strengthening in itself, right!)

“Rainbows” Remembered Never Fade: (Deut. 4:9) How you’ve observed God’s faithfulness this week. 

*Read 2 Chronicles 16:9 & record MONDAY’s “rainbow”:____________________________________________________________________________

*Read Exodus 15:2 & record TUESDAY’s “rainbow”:_____________________________________________________________________________

*Read Pslam 18:32 & record WEDNESDAY’S “rainbow”:_____________________________________________________________________________

*Read John 16:33 & record THURSDAY’S “rainbow”:_______________________________________________________________________________

*Read Psalm 139:14  & record FRIDAY’s “rainbow”:______________________________________________________________________________

*Read 2 Timothy 4:17 & record SATURDAY’S “rainbow”: __________________________________________________________________________________________

*SUNDAY… what “rainbow” have you painted for God this week? How have you lived Lk. 10:27?

Record a prayer. Date: ___/___/___